Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA “SCARING THE HOES” Album Review


JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown

  • Genre: Alternative Rap
  • Date: 24 Mar, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 PEGGY under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings America, Inc.

“Scaring The Hoes” is fantastic album that defies expectations and captures your attention from the very first note. It’s the sound of two top-tier MCs going head-to-head over fast-paced beats, completely upending rap conventions in the process. It more than lives up to the considerable hype and is relentlessly entertaining. It is on par with everything in Danny Brown’s or JPEGMAFIA’s discography, yet manages to stand out on its own. It’s an intense ride that leaves you stunned and out of breath.

Album Cover Art

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The interesting album cover puts on display the pictorial summary of a man, who leads two lives; one of an old-school gangster, and another that leans toward religion. Besides the illustrated perks of his lifestyle, one thing he seems plagued by the most is women of easy virtue, so he devices a means that will end up scaring the hoes. A rad concept with fine finishing.

Tracks and Features

The choice of “Lean Beef Patty” as the album’s lead single was excellent since it establishes the mood for the rest of the album with a glitchy hardcore hip-hop opener that also incorporates footwork jungle, chipmunk soul, hybrid trap, and industrial music. Before Danny Brown boasts about living in this chick’s head rent-free, JPEGMAFIA disses Elon Musk, John Schnatter, and even AEW founder and current Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan. The instrumental to “Steppa Pig” almost has an EDM feel to it as they converse about grinding for their legacies, and calling out entitled people.

The soulful boom-bap jam “Garbage Pail Kids” denigrates their rivals and draws inspiration from avant-garde jazz in the title track, which, according to the rapper, will make the hoes touch their toes when it’s played. Then, in “Fentanyl Tester,” which draws inspiration from drum and bass music and samples the iconic Kelis song “Milkshake,” Danny and Peggy warn listeners to hide because no one is safe at all. This is followed by the triumphant yet terrifying trap banger “Burfict!” where they discuss being cliqued up.

Up until “Muddy Waters,” which changes into a more trippier rhythm to the beat as JPEGMAFIA begs God to pardon him for killing, “Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up” brings back the glitch-hop vibes as Danny does his thing. On “Kingdom Hearts Key,” featuring Maryland up-and-comer redveil, they air out people who think they know him over an angelic trap beat. “Orange Juice Jones” switches back to a more soulful sound as both MCs send their significant others into space on autopilot.

Up until “Run the Jewels” delivers a 1-minute drum & bass glitch-hop hybrid claiming most sorry-ass b*****s won’t ever be like them, Danny & Peggy’s lyrics in “God Loves You” are well flipped from the gospel sample that runs throughout the song. When JPEGMAFIA says that those who want action with him aren’t into acting, Danny Brown makes a promise to run up on you, take your spot, and take your business in the song “Jack Harlow Combo Meal,” which is followed by the gospel rap ballad “H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth),” which is dedicated to the baddest b*****s in their lives.

When Danny refers to himself as a failed chemistry experiment with a clever allusion to Jimi Hendrix’s debut album “Are You Experienced?,” Devon Hendryx describes himself as a chaotically cloudy fatality while talking about being off top on your b***h like two-time AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin. very soon after.


1 Lean Beef Patty 1:47
2 Steppa Pig 3:27
4 Garbage Pale Kids 2:48
5 Fentanyl Tester 2:37
6 Burfict! 2:21
7 Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up / Muddy Waters 2:54
8 Orange Juice Jones 2:21
9 Kingdom Hearts Key (feat. redveil) 3:25
10 God Loves You 2:28
11 Run The Jewels 1:04
12 Jack Harlow Combo Meal 2:18
13 HOE (Heaven on Earth) 3:23
14 Where Ya Get Ya Coke From? 2:57

Album Theme

In the end, this is an album where speed is essential. As the production bedrock shifts from old school funk to PC Music style digi-abstraction, sometimes within the same song, Danny Brown and JEGMAFIA exchange an endless stream of ideas. Sincerity and sarcasm are difficult to distinguish, and “Scaring The Hoes” leaves a lingering unsettling impression.

Production Credits

JPEGMAFIA produced the album.


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