Dave & Central Cee “Split Decision” EP Review

Split Decision – EP

Dave & Central Cee

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 04 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 4
  • Neighbourhood / Live Yours; ℗ 2023 Neighbourhood / Live Yours

Following the single “Sprinter” that arrived last Friday and was anticipated to be the limit of this collaboration, “Split Decision” was released at midnight on the two nights that the Dave and Central Cee celebrated their 25th birthdays. They collaborate on a four-track EP that showcases both of their strengths and reveals a genuine chemistry between them.

Central Cee holds his own when it comes to the most difficult of tasks: trading verses with Dave. Dave, on his end, particularly uses some crazy, outrageous puns. However, the two are connected in more ways than simply their tight age disparity, and it’s exciting to see how their mutual respect has resulted in such an excellent endeavor.

EP Cover Art

Dave &Amp; Central Cee &Quot;Split Decision&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

A red car is seen being held up by a crane and deposited onto a boat, but it seems either the crane’s operator or the car owner are undecided about the venture because a half front portion of the car sticks outside the boat while the rear sits on the boat.

Tracks and Features

The EP’s opening track, “Trojan Horse,” is arguably its weakest. Although Dave’s statement “She wants a man with decent P, Her ex is a factor, Misha B” is pretty specific. However, his joke “Give her the Trojan, give her the Trojan Horse, I felt like Troy” falls flat. Even so, it’s a solid back-and-forth song that establishes the mood for the EP, which only gets better from this point on.

“Sprinter” is popular. It is anticipated to enter the charts at number one and to remain there for the duration of the summer. The two MCs are having a good time while boasting about their cars, clothes, women, and money, but it’s obvious that they are both conscious of the superficial nature of these pursuits.

They are practically laughing at the cliché of the young, wealthy rapper while actively contributing to it. It’s particularly interesting as Central Cee switches up his flow at the conclusion of the third stanza and incorporates Rick Ross’s “Maybach Music.” The West London native makes reference to people thinking he’s “stupid,” but it gradually becomes clear that he’s actually a smart, intelligent guy.

If ‘Sprinter’ had only existed on its own, their collaboration would have been a triumph, but their connection is evident on the following song, “Our 25th Birthday,” which demonstrates that Dave and Central Cee are equally at ease trading somber, vulnerable lyrics. We’ve seen Dave in this situation many times before, and Central Cee has been edging toward it, if not outright dumping like this, as he explores his relationship with his mother, his treatment of women, and the grief he still feels.

The perfect, unassuming middle ground for the two to rap each side of is Kamal’s chorus. The second stanza of Split Decision contains one of Dave’s best lines, “I ain’t going off a women addiction, I got body dysmorphia, a figure addiction,” which further showcases his unrivaled storytelling skills.

The album’s outro, “UK Rap,” is another track that should perform well on the charts. “She don’t listen to UK rap, if it’s not Dave or Cench,” goes the infectious hook, which is sung by each man in turn. It is difficult to refute because these are two pros at the top of their game.


1 Trojan Horse 4:08
2 Sprinter 3:49
3 Our 25th Birthday 5:07
4 UK Rap 3:18

EP Theme

An amazing blend of swagger and reflection is sprinkled with puns on cars, clothes, women, and footballers in Dave and Central Cee’s surprising joint EP, “Split Decision.”

Production Credits

Dave, Jim Legxacy, Jo Caleb, Joe Reeves, Jonny Leslie, Kamal., Kyle Evans & TR The Producer all contributed to the project’s production.


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