Davido “E Pain Me” Song Review

Afrobeats Superstar Davido Returns with a Timeless Album After a Tragic Loss, Featuring Multiple Genres and Emotions, and Promising Fans a Breath of Fresh Air and Goofy Energy

Davido’s newest album, “Timeless,” marks his return to the music scene after a three-year hiatus due to the tragic death of his three-year-old son, Ifeanyi. “E Pain Me,” the album’s seventh track, is a slow-tempo ballad about the pain of heartbreak and the desperate desire to hang on to love.

The song begins with a gentle instrumental, featuring a lone guitar playing a mournful melody, which sets the tone for Davido’s somber singing. The refrain, with its repeated lyrics “But I wan dey for you/Walk beside you/And I wan dey by you/To call you my boo,” is touching in its simplicity, expressing the singer’s desire to hold on to his love despite the pain it causes.

Davido sings about a “bad girl” who “wan carry me do jangulova” and “come my life, come carry my heart run over” in the song’s verses. He wonders why she would hurt him despite everything he’s done for her, asking, “Wetin I no do for you?/Wetin I no do for you?/Shey you promise say you no go let me go?/Wetin I no do for you?”And last night you tell me it’s all over/E pain me, e pain me, e pain me oh.”

The Nigerian Pidgin lyrics contribute to the song’s emotional depth, conveying rawness and vulnerability. Davido’s vocals are emotional, expressing the pain and desperation of someone who has been disappointed by love.

“E Pain Me” is a departure from Davido’s high-energy Afrobeats songs, but it demonstrates his versatility as an artist. The song’s minimal production and stripped-down instrumentation enable his vocals to take center stage, emphasizing his vocal ability.

“E Pain Me” is a strong addition to Davido’s discography, demonstrating his ability to communicate raw feelings through music. While the album contains various genres and collaborations, this track stands out as a poignant reminder of the agony of heartbreak and the extent we will go to keep love.

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