Davido “PICASSO” Feat. Logos Olori Song Review

Davido’s newest album, “Timeless,” marks his return to the music scene following a hiatus caused by the tragic death of his three-year-old son, Ifeanyi. The album is his fourth studio effort, and it includes a variety of sounds such as Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Dancehall. Skepta, Angélique Kidjo, and Dexta Daps are among the musicians who have collaborated on the 17-track album.

The 14th track on the album, “Picasso,” starring Logos Olori, stands out for its catchy beat and groovy rhythm. Davido sings, “Flames are burning in my soul, lady,” and “What I’m feeling lately I don’t know oh, lady,” in the song’s lyrics, which speak to feelings of passion and desire. The song’s chorus is memorable and catchy, and Davido’s smooth voice easily delivers the lyrics.

Logos Olori joins Davido on the post-chorus, giving the composition a unique twist. Her verse is in Nigerian Pidgin, which gives the music a more local flavor. Logos Olori sings in verse, “Baby girl, you know I got the figure, yeah, make I sing and make you dance Awilo.”

The beat of the song is an excellent fusion of various music styles, and it keeps the listener engaged throughout. BigRagee’s production is excellent, with the beat, drums, and melody all merging smoothly. The song’s rhythm and beat will undoubtedly get you up and dancing to the music.

Davido’s ability to incorporate personal events into the lyrics is one of the album’s standout features. He discusses his son’s death and how it impacted him emotionally. He also sings about love and desire, which are relatable topics for his followers.

“Picasso” demonstrates Davido’s progression as an artist, and it’s obvious that he worked hard to create an album that will be relevant for years to come. The album’s title, “Timeless,” accurately describes the endeavor as a whole. With its eclectic mix of sounds and Davido’s personal touch, “Timeless” is bound to be a timeless classic.

“Picasso” is an excellent addition to Davido’s “Timeless” record. The song’s catchy beat, fusion of various music genres, and relatable lyrics elevate it to the album’s standout cut. Davido’s experiences and feelings are infused into the song, and it’s obvious that he worked hard to create an album that will be remembered for years.

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