Davido “Timeless” Album Review



  • Genre: Afro-Beat
  • Date: 31 Mar, 2023
  • Content: Explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 17
  • ℗ 2023 Davido Music Worldwide Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Davido &Quot;Timeless&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, September 23, 2023

“Timeless” is the fourth studio album by Nigerian singer Davido. Released on 31 Mar 2023 via Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), Columbia Records, and Sony Music Entertainment, The 17-track album features collaborations with Skepta, Angelique Kidjo, Asake, Focalistic, and The Cavemen. The top focal track, “Champion Sound,” was released to rave reviews as the album’s lead single on 19 Nov 2021.

On 21 Mar 2023, Davido announced on his Instagram that his fourth album, Timeless, was to be released on 31 Mar. The announcement came as he returned to social media following a hiatus after his three-year-old son’s death. Before the information, he briefly broke his social media hiatus by appearing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final. The album announcement was accompanied by the release of a trailer featuring footage of the Star. In the trailer, Davido writes a note in his narration. The trailer also shows shots of him sitting at his desk and various behind-the-scenes shots and clips. Inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes, Davido said, “There is a time for everything. A time to grieve, a time to heal, a time to laugh, a time to dance. A time to speak and a time to be Silent.” This will be one of the hardest narration-Intro of his albums yet.

Album Art

Timeless Artwork
Timeless Artwork

The album art sees a representation of nature and African heritage all coming together to create the portrait figure of OBO. The path to the hourglass hints at Davido offering the listener a journey into his place of thought. Looking closer, the Vegetation speaks of his fruitfulness and productivity, Elephants depict his grandeur, and the soaring dove may hint at the loved ones he has lost over time. He also suggests that no matter what happens in life, nature will always remain and defy timing. In other words, following the album art, since he is a part of nature, he remains “Timeless.”

Tracks and Features

Davido &Quot;Timeless&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, September 23, 2023

The 17-track album opens with “Ova Dem” and sees davido make the committed assertions that he is over the traumas and betrayals he has felt in the past few years as he reaffirms his standing and confidence in himself, his craft, and his belief. He swipes at detractors as he maintains that he remains a bigger person and unfazed by their schemes.

The album’s first feature is on “No Competition” and has the in-form Asake on. The chill and vibey jam start with OBO hailing his love interest as he says, “Nobody fit contest,” He lauds her for having everything he needs in a woman and more. Asake’s sublime entry and delivery highlight one of the reasons why he is very regarded in these present times as one of the best acts to come out of Nigeria. The brilliant combination of the duo on this track makes this one of the best tracks off the album.

The album’s second feature and third track have new DMW signee Morravey answering present and making a statement intro on “In The Garden.” The soulful singer rides on the smooth amapiano-type beat and has the vocalist implying that she is ready to “Change Status” and shower him with love. Next, Davido comes in and does what only Davido can do on a collaborated track -Kill It.

Ever needed a track that blends themes of braggadocio, gratitude, and self-belief? Then “Godfather” is that track. Davido sits on his throne and crowns himself as the “Godfather.” He accredits all his blessings to God and warns critics to steer clear of his path as he confirms that he has a very formidable squad behind him and thus cements his status as a legend in the game.

“For The Road” is a beautiful piece with that OBO melody. Davido seems to sing for a love interest who is a cheat and isn’t ready to stay in check. He appears ready to let her go but makes a request -“Gimme one for the road.”

Fave dishes out melodic tunes on “Kante,” and The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo all come in on “Na Money,” As expected, a collaboration of such quality is only bound to be top-tier sound. Skepta is no new name to the Nigerian music community, and his delivery on “U(JuJu)” will be remembered as one of his most resonating.

“Legends Can Never Die(LCND)” is a tribute to all the dead friends and family OBO has lost in recent years, most recently his Son Ifeanyi. Many will indeed see this song as a tribute to his Son, as The playful kids’ voices at the end of the track point it in that direction even more. It is a very evocative track and will get listeners in their feelings.

Newcomer and another new DMW signee, Logos Olori, will be a name that will be heard in the industry for a long time if his delivery on “Picasso” is to be considered. Olori was in his feelings on this track as he rode savvy on the beat. His brilliant compatibility and combination with OBO were a treat of silky vocals and unforgettable melodies. “Timeless” is blessed to have this soft track on its list, as this is one of the great songs of the album. Themes of Love, Relationship, and Desire and a hint of unrequited love may be heard in the lyrics as the duo tries to woo a love interest with another attraction.

The Album’s Closer, “Champion Sound,” also the last feature on the album, has amapiano rave Focalistic. Indeed, the duo flows on the beat with class, simultaneously exuding talent and serving melody and harmony. The mood is set to get the listener jiving and dancing. Unless one doesn’t enjoy quality amapiano music or appreciates good sound, there’s no reason the listener shouldn’t end the listening journey bumping and grinding to the beat as the album plays to fade end.


1 OVER DEM 3:18
2 FEEL 2:34
3 IN THE GARDEN (feat. Morravey) 2:45
5 UNAVAILABLE (feat. Musa Keys) 2:49
6 BOP (feat. Dexta Daps) 2:41
7 E PAIN ME 3:03
8 AWAY 2:33
10 KANTE (feat. Fave) 3:14
11 NA MONEY (feat. The Cavemen & Angelique Kidjo) 2:41
12 U (JUJU) [feat. Skepta] 3:13
13 NO COMPETITION (feat. Asake) 2:36
14 PICASSO (feat. Logos Olori) 2:35
15 FOR THE ROAD 2:27
16 LCND 2:50
17 Champion Sound (feat. Focalistic) 3:57

Album Summary

Davido’s long hiatus has resulted in this quality Gem that, in many reviews, many will rate above his last project. This is a masterpiece, and well put together. Indeed, Davido refuses to be “boxed” as he puts a foot down and claims his “Timeless” legacy.

Given the caliber of the featured artists and Davido’s reputation as a collaborator and connector in Afrobeats and global music, the album is anticipated to succeed. It is also part of Spotify’s ongoing support for the singer’s return to the public view and the company’s long-standing commitment to African music and its creators. As a result, the release of “Timeless” remains one of the most anticipated for one of African music’s most prominent digital ambassadors. In addition, fans are in for an incredible musical experience thanks to Davido’s penchant for timeless collaborations.


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