Denzel Curry “Live at Electric Lady” EP Review

“Live at Electric Lady” EP

Denzel Curry

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2023-05-07
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Track Count: 07

A new live EP by renowned rapper Denzel Curry called Live At Electric Lady, which is only available on Spotify, demonstrates his range and prowess as a stage performer. The EP includes songs from his 2022 album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future, which was recorded in New York’s renowned Electric Lady Studios with The Cold Blooded Soul Band.

In an unexpected turn of events, Curry teams up with Bilal to cover the timeless Erykah Badu song “Didn’t Cha Know” from her Mama’s Gun album. Interestingly enough, D’Angelo, Common, and The Roots have all performed at Electric Lady Studios, where Badu’s album was also recorded.

Curry’s fifth studio album, noticeably overlooked in the Best Rap Album nomination at the 2023 Grammy Awards, is followed by Live At Electric Lady. Curry tweeted several times last year to voice his displeasure.

Along with the songs “Walkin” and “Troubles,” the live EP also has a cover of “Lonely Man,” the title song from a 1980s detective series.

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Track by Track Review

In the following track-by-track review, we delve into the intricacies of Denzel Curry’s Live At Electric Lady EP, exploring the captivating live performances and unique twists on his original songs. Through collaborations with talented artists like Bilal and the Cold Blooded Soul Band, Curry demonstrates his willingness to push boundaries and experiment with various styles and genres.

Each track on the EP offers a distinct experience, showcasing Curry’s versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level. Join us as we dissect each track, highlighting this memorable live collection’s strengths and potential weaknesses.

Lonely Man
Embracing Nostalgia with “Lonely Man”

Denzel Curry’s cover of “Lonely Man,” the theme song from the 1980s detective show, is a nostalgic trip for fans of vintage Japanese TV. The track opens the Live At Electric Lady EP on a strong note, with Curry’s signature style and energy adding a modern twist to the classic theme. Curry’s flow and lyricism are on point, and the backing from the Cold Blooded Soul Band adds a layer of depth to the song. However, the track’s appeal may be limited to those familiar with the original song or the show it comes from. For listeners unfamiliar with the source material, the track may feel somewhat out of place on the EP, and they may struggle to connect with the song’s nostalgic appeal.

Raw Emotions Brought to Life in “Walkin”

“Walkin” captures the raw emotion and introspective nature of Denzel Curry’s original studio track, but with the added intensity of a live performance. Curry’s energy and charisma shine through as he delivers powerful verses about life’s struggles and the determination to keep going. The Cold Blooded Soul Band’s jazz-infused backing adds an extra layer of complexity to the track, creating an engaging listening experience. However, the live recording may not be to everyone’s taste, as it lacks the polished production quality found in Curry’s studio tracks. Some listeners might also find the jazz elements to be too prominent, taking away from the overall impact of Curry’s verses. Despite these potential drawbacks, the track remains a compelling showcase of Curry’s talent and versatility.

A Relatable Struggle in “Troubles”

“Troubles” is an emotional and relatable track about life’s struggles and the pursuit of happiness. Denzel Curry’s heartfelt delivery, combined with the backing of the Cold Blooded Soul Band, creates a captivating live rendition of the original song. Curry’s verses about overcoming adversity and persevering in the face of hardship resonate with many listeners, making it one of the standout tracks on the EP. However, some may argue that the live version loses some of the impact and polish of the original studio recording. The balance between Curry’s vocals and the band’s backing might not be perfect in some parts, which can be distracting for listeners who prefer a cleaner production. Despite this, “Troubles” remains a powerful and emotional performance that showcases Curry’s ability to connect with his audience.

Introspection and Soul: Denzel Curry’s Angelz

In Angelz, Denzel Curry showcases his introspective side with a powerful live rendition. The track’s production, which features Powers Pleasant and the Cold Blooded Soul Band, adds a soulful touch that elevates the song’s emotion. Denzel’s lyrics delve into his struggles with fame, personal relationships, and self-validation, making it a relatable and thought-provoking listen. A potential criticism of Angelz could be that the track does not stray far from the original version. However, the live instrumentation and Denzel’s impassioned delivery more than make up for this. Overall, Angelz is a poignant performance that showcases Denzel Curry’s depth as an artist.

Soaring High: Denzel Curry’s X-Wing

Denzel Curry’s X-Wing showcases his ability to captivate an audience with a live performance. The track’s production, courtesy of Powers Pleasant, Denzel Curry, and the Cold Blooded Soul Band, brings a fresh energy to the original version. Denzel’s lyrics are as sharp as ever, reflecting on his journey from a less privileged past to a successful present. One criticism of the track is that it lacks a distinct hook or chorus that could have made it more memorable. Additionally, the song’s content does not diverge significantly from typical themes in mainstream hip-hop, which may be a letdown for some listeners. Nevertheless, X-Wing is a solid live performance that highlights Denzel Curry’s lyrical prowess and energy on stage.

Endtroduction (Cold Blooded Soul Version)
Jazz Meets Hip-Hop

Endtroduction (Cold Blooded Soul Version) is a unique take on Denzel Curry’s original track, featuring an impressive live performance with the Cold Blooded Soul Band. The jazzy instrumentation gives the song a distinct flavor, and Denzel’s lyrics are as potent as ever, discussing the harsh realities of fame, personal relationships, and the music industry. On the other hand, the song’s structure is somewhat disjointed, with the chorus repeating the phrase “Nobody knows” multiple times, which may feel repetitive for some listeners. Additionally, the track’s outro feels abrupt and could have been more seamless. Despite these minor drawbacks, Endtroduction (Cold Blooded Soul Version) is a refreshing and engaging live performance that demonstrates Denzel Curry’s versatility as an artist.

Didn’t Cha Know Feat. Bilal
A Fresh Take on Erykah Badu with “Didn’t Cha Know”

Denzel Curry’s cover of Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know” is a breath of fresh air. The neo-soul infusion in collaboration with Bilal adds a unique spin on the classic Mama’s Gun track. Curry’s rendition pays homage to Badu’s original while still showcasing his own style, making it a standout performance on the Live At Electric Lady EP. The chemistry between Curry and Bilal is evident, and the two musicians complement each other well. However, while the cover is enjoyable, it may not resonate with fans who prefer Curry’s more energetic and hard-hitting tracks. Some might argue that Curry’s unique style doesn’t quite mesh with the neo-soul genre, leading to a slightly disjointed listening experience. Nonetheless, Curry’s experimentation with different genres and his willingness to take risks is commendable.

Denzel Curry’s Live At Electric Lady EP shows his versatility, artistry, and willingness to experiment with different styles and genres. Curry’s performances are engaging, powerful, and thought-provoking, from soulful introspection to raw emotion. While some tracks may not resonate with all listeners, the EP showcases Curry’s ability to connect with his audience and captivate them with his dynamic live performances. It’s a refreshing and memorable collection that further solidifies Denzel Curry’s position as one of hip-hop’s most innovative and diverse artists.

Curry’s upcoming project, Designed by Angels, is scheduled for release soon so fans can look forward to it.

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