Destroy Lonely “If Looks Could Kill” Album Review

If Looks Could Kill

Destroy Lonely

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 05 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 26
  • ℗ 2023 Opium/Interscope

Destroy Lonely &Quot;If Looks Could Kill&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

Destroy Lonely is a stage name for Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III, an upcoming American recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. “If Looks Could Kill” is his most recent album and is a follow-up to his mixtape NO STYLIST, released in August 2022. On September 15, 2022, Destroy Lonely teased the project in a since-deleted Twitter post. However, fans were eager for new music from Lone after releasing the music videos for “FAKENGGAS” and “NEVEREVER,” which led him to disclose the album’s rumored release date.

The highly anticipated self-titled song “if looks could kill” will be released on March 3, 2023. However, for the following month or two, Destroy Lonely would remain silent on the radio regarding any new songs. Destroy Lonely will then give fans a hint about the album’s release date on April 15, 2023, after his performance in Rolling Loud Thailand, saying, “If Looks Could Kill closer than y’all think,” likely aiming for a late April release. Lone would also later say that the song “How u feel?” (then known as “Finish Line”), which he previously previewed, is sure to appear on the album and serve as the album’s eventual opening track.

Lonely, the rapper I-20’s kid, was raised in a creative family and began writing music early. His first public releases were made in late 2015 on SoundCloud. As he expanded his fan base and put out more music, Lonely developed connections with numerous other artists in the Atlanta scene, including BigSmokeChapo and Nezzus. He collaborates closely with Clayco and frequently with producers in Clayco’s artist and producer collective, Underworld Music Group. Lonely joined Opium, the record label and advertising company run by Playboi Carti, another Atlanta native, in 2021. Lone’s music amplifies his enigmatic identity with otherworldly, menacing instrumentals and his dark ambient voice performance.

Album Art

Destroy Lonely &Quot;If Looks Could Kill&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

The album art depicts a figure in the dark, possibly DL, holding onto a stick while standing on a lawn, wearing a large overcoat, and having his face hidden by the surrounding darkness. This image screams Friday 13th, and Yes, this would have killed if looks could kill.

Tracks And Features

“How You Feel” opens the 26-Track album, which primarily consists of Solo projects and eases the listener into the hypnotic voyage. The lyrics contain a lot of braggadocio and slick-talking as Destroy Lonely (DL) maintains his reputation for those who might have forgotten and raps for a Lover’s attention. This song’s topic alludes to Love, Drugs, and Justice.

The next song, “If Looks Could Kill,” which also has the same name as the album, is the rapper Destroy Lonely’s first release of 2023. His extravagant lifestyle, drug use, and romantic relationships are all prominent topics in the song, which is set to a melancholy trap beat. On October 19, 2022, Lonely gave the song’s first Instagram Live preview. He wore a Halloween mask, complementing the Album/song’s antagonistic image. Before the song’s formal release, over 20,000 videos were uploaded utilizing the song’s music on TikTok, where the track snippet was very popular.

The Trap Act’s “Which One” lyrics feature further references to drugs, whiny nigg*s, and unfaithful hoes, making him doubt true love’s existence. Lonely tells the listener about his life’s events and provides an update on how things are going, as is to be imagined.

“Raver” comes next, and the hip-hop/trap jam is one of the groovy tracks off the album. Trap arrangements for production and delivery are standard. This song is perfect for a trap playlist since the rapper shows off his extravagant lifestyle and love of the good life in the lyrics, regardless of other people’s thoughts. As usual, be prepared for drug use, pompousness, and slick speech. Electric guitar and a bell sound with a positive vibe are featured in the song. The Synth/Bell sound in the song’s background is a pitched-up sample of the Discord ringtone.

Stoners and other drug users will relate more to “By The Pound” since DL tells it like it is and admits that he is geeked and living the high life.

In “Wagwan,” DL alludes to the gangster lifestyle, the hustle of the streets, his money-making exploits, and the bitches at his beck and call while posing the question, “Wagwan Nigg*?” to his naysayers.

The song “Your Eyes” features drug-infused, sexy, romantic, and love-smitten lyrics. DL also admits that he was going downhill but has now turned his life around since he has always believed in himself.

Ken Carson is the only featured artist on the album, appearing on the final track of the 26-track listening experience. The title of it is “Money and Sex.” As the song’s title suggests, the duo raps over a hard-bass trap beat while delivering lyrics that discuss gangsterism, crime, and narcotics alongside love, sex, passion, and desire.

Tracklist / Songs

1 how u feel?
2 if looks could kill
3 fly sht
4 which one
5 raver
6 came in wit
7 by the pound
8 all the time
9 biggest problem
10 chris paul
11 superstar
12 new new
13 right now
14 which way
15 wagwan
16 moment of silence
17 brazy girls
18 goin up
19 passenger
20 promo
21 worth it
22 redlight
23 make sum work
24 safety
25 your eyes
26 money & sex

Album Summary

If Looks Could Kill, the highly anticipated debut studio album by Destroy Lonely, which includes 26 songs and an exclusive feature from Opium labelmate Ken Carson, was a success for TopFloorBoss. They put their hearts and souls into the project, which is merely a taster for their forthcoming collaborative album. The album will mesmerize you with its fusion of hazy electric guitar riffs, unbelievable melodies, and chic soundscapes.

Despite the opinions of many, Destroy Lonely delivers the much-awaited album, featuring dark instrumentals and Lone’s beat-matching vocal delivery. Once again, excellent work from one of the up-and-coming top creators in the rage scene.


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