Domo Genesis & The Alchemist “No Idols” Album Review

No Idols

Domo Genesis & The Alchemist

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 20 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 ALC / Domo

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In their latest collaboration, “No Idols,” Domo Genesis and The Alchemist have crafted an introspective and powerful hip-hop album that showcases the undeniable synergy between the two artists. With its raw emotions, introspective lyrics, and captivating beats, the 12-track project delivers a mesmerizing listening experience that resonates with fans of both Domo Genesis and The Alchemist.

Featuring an array of guest artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Action Bronson, and Smoke DZA, “No Idols” offers a diverse range of unforgettable tracks, each revealing the immense talent and creativity of the collaborators. From the hard-hitting, aggressive anthems like “Fuck Everybody Else” to the soulful, introspective narratives in songs like “All Alone” and “Me and My Bitch,” this album is a testament to the artistic power and potential of both Domo Genesis and The Alchemist.

Review (Track By Track)

Diving further into the depths of “No Idols,” our review will explore the themes, collaborations, and musical influences that contribute to the album’s distinction as an exceptional work from these multi-talented artists.


“Prophecy” is a powerful opening track on the “No Idols” album. The song showcases Domo’s introspective lyrics, reflecting on his life, ambitions, and challenges in the music industry. With its solid beat and captivating flow, the song keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

The Alchemist’s production is top-notch, providing a haunting atmosphere that complements Domo’s lyrics perfectly. The track is filled with raw emotions and determination, making it an unforgettable listening experience. Using a William Shakespeare quote in the outro adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the overall message.

“Prophecy” is an impactful and introspective song that sets the tone for the rest of the “No Idols” album. Its potent combination of skillful production and genuine lyricism makes it a must-listen for both Domo Genesis and The Alchemist fans.

Fuck Everybody Else

“Fuck Everybody Else” is the second track on the “No Idols” album and continues the energy established by the opening track. Domo Genesis showcases his fierce attitude and unapologetic self-confidence, making it clear that he’s not here to please anyone but himself.

The Alchemist’s production is again on point, providing a gritty and hard-hitting beat that matches Domo’s aggressive delivery. The song has memorable lines and a catchy hook, making it an instant earworm for listeners.

Left Brain’s outro adds a touch of camaraderie and reinforces the loyalty and support within their group. Overall, “Fuck Everybody Else” is a powerful anthem for anyone who’s ever felt underestimated or unappreciated, and it serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself in the face of adversity.

All Alone

“All Alone” is a deeply introspective track on the “No Idols” album, in which Domo Genesis delves into the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can accompany success. The Alchemist’s moody production accentuates the song’s introspective tone, which incorporates a haunting sample that adds a layer of emotional depth to the track.

Domo’s honest and vulnerable lyrics resonate with listeners as he touches on friendship, loyalty, and the pressure of being in the spotlight. The chorus captures the feeling of being alone despite being surrounded by fans and loved ones, highlighting the complexity of navigating the music industry.

“All Alone” is a poignant and thought-provoking track that showcases Domo Genesis’s ability to convey deep emotions through his lyrics. The Alchemist’s atmospheric production adds to the overall impact, making this song a standout on the “No Idols” album.

Elimination Chamber

“Elimination Chamber” showcases the impeccable chemistry between Domo Genesis and The Alchemist as they deliver an explosive, gritty track. Featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and Action Bronson, the song’s production is raw and hard-hitting, with each artist contributing impressive, captivating verses.

The Alchemist’s masterful sampling of Brainstorm’s “My Way” gives the track a haunting, edgy feel that pairs perfectly with the aggressive lyricism. The song is a testament to the sheer talent of all involved, making it an unmissable hip-hop gem.

Power Ballad

Domo Genesis and The Alchemist prove their undeniable synergy in “Power Ballad,” a track that combines striking production with potent verses. The song features Smoke DZA, who effortlessly complements Domo’s flow with his signature style.

The Alchemist’s production, sampling Frank Vandenkloot’s “I Only Know My Name,” creates a moody, atmospheric backdrop that drives the song forward. “Power Ballad” demonstrates the artistic power and potential of both Domo Genesis and The Alchemist, making it a must-listen for fans of innovative hip-hop.

Me and My Bitch

In “Me and My Bitch,” Domo Genesis takes an introspective approach, comparing his love for marijuana to a passionate relationship. The Alchemist’s production creates a soulful, reflective atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the intimate nature of the track.

Domo’s lyricism is honest and vulnerable, offering a glimpse into his deep connection with the plant. The song serves as a poignant ode to marijuana and showcases Domo’s ability to craft relatable, heartfelt narratives.

Till the Angels Come

Featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Freddie Gibbs, “Till the Angels Come” is a testament to the immense talent and creativity of Domo Genesis and The Alchemist.

The song’s dark and captivating production provides a powerful foundation for the artists’ verses. Prodigy and Freddie Gibbs deliver outstanding performances, each bringing their unique flair to the track. With its raw lyricism and masterful production, “Till the Angels Come” is a standout track that demands attention.

The Daily News

“The Daily News” showcases the undeniable chemistry between Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, SpaceGhostPurrp, and Earl Sweatshirt. The track’s gritty production, courtesy of The Alchemist, sets the tone for a raw and unapologetic lyrical assault. Each rapper delivers their own unique style, with Domo Genesis taking the lead and setting the bar high with his crisp flow and confident demeanor.

Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt contribute to the catchy chorus, while SpaceGhostPurrp offers a verse that pays homage to Eazy-E and displays his lyrical prowess. The song is a standout track on “No Idols,” offering a memorable collaboration between these talented artists and a testament to their skill and passion for hip-hop.


“Gamebreaker” is a lyrical showcase for Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt, who trade verses over a mesmerizing and atmospheric beat produced by The Alchemist. The track, originally titled “Like a Star,” sees both rappers displaying their impressive wordplay and clever metaphors.

Domo Genesis’ confident and assertive delivery is perfectly complemented by Earl Sweatshirt’s laid-back yet equally impressive flow. The two effortlessly bounce off each other, making for a compelling listening experience that highlights their undeniable talent and chemistry. “Gamebreaker” is a testament to the synergy between Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, and The Alchemist, and a standout track on “No Idols.”

The Feeling

“The Feeling” is a smooth, introspective track that showcases Domo Genesis’ versatility as an artist. The Alchemist’s soulful, sample-driven production creates an uplifting atmosphere, while Domo Genesis delivers two heartfelt verses reflecting on his journey, aspirations, and pursuit of success.

The hook is catchy and motivational, emphasizing the importance of going after one’s dreams and enjoying the journey along the way. Domo’s introspection and vulnerability set “The Feeling” apart from the other tracks on “No Idols,” making it a memorable and relatable listening experience for fans.

No Idols

“No Idols” is the 11th track album of the same title, and it features a powerful collaboration with Tyler, The Creator. The Alchemist’s production on this track is exceptional, providing a dynamic and engaging backdrop for the verses delivered by the two artists. Tyler’s verse is filled with his characteristic wordplay and audacious lyricism, while Domo Genesis showcases his ability to hold his own alongside Tyler with his skillful rhymes and confident delivery.

The beat switch in the middle of the track further highlights the versatility of both artists and the producer. Domo’s flow is flawless, and his bars are filled with vivid imagery and introspection.

Drugs Got Me Spiritual

“Drugs Got Me Spiritual” is another standout track on “No Idols” album, featuring a guest verse from Remy Banks. The Alchemist’s haunting and atmospheric production provides the perfect sonic landscape for Domo and Remy to deliver their introspective verses. The lyrics on this track delve into themes of struggle, self-discovery, and the pursuit of success while grappling with the darker aspects of life.

Domo’s verse is filled with raw emotion and vulnerability, revealing a more introspective side of the artist that resonates with listeners. Remy Banks’ verse complements Domo’s perfectly as he shares his experiences navigating life’s complexities. The hook, which repeats the line “Drugs got me spiritual,” adds an eerie, hypnotic quality to the track, making it a memorable and thought-provoking addition to the album.

“No Idols” is a remarkable hip-hop album that exemplifies the undeniable synergy between Domo Genesis and The Alchemist. The project is filled with introspective lyrics, captivating beats, and raw emotions that resonate profoundly with listeners.

Each track offers a distinct listening experience, with collaborations from Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Action Bronson, and Smoke DZA that further elevate the project to new heights.

From introspective and heartfelt narratives to hard-hitting anthems, “No Idols” is a testament to the artistic power and potential of both Domo Genesis and The Alchemist. This album is a must-listen for fans of innovative hip-hop, and it will undoubtedly stand the test of time as a memorable and impactful work within the genre.

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