Don Toliver “Love Sick” Album Review

Love Sick

Don Toliver

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 23 Feb, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 16
  • Cactus Jack, ℗ 2023 Atlantic Records Group LLC

Don Toliver &Quot;Love Sick&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Toliver was raised in Houston, Texas, where he was born. Before releasing music in 2017, he lacked any musical background. Growing up, his father frequently played music around him because he was a rapper during the Swishahouse movement in the early 2000s. Toliver announced the release of his third studio album, Lovesick, on 14 Feb 2023. On 15 Feb, “4 Me,” a song with Kali Uchis, was available. On 17 Feb, Toliver dropped the song “Leave the Club” with Lil Durk and GloRilla and revealed the release date for Lovesick was 24 Feb.

Album Art

Don Toliver &Quot;Love Sick&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

The Album sees the Star in a dim-lit room that looks like a restaurant or cafe as he seems to sit across the table in a gesture that represents or hints at waiting for something or someone. The big lights showing the Album’s name cannot be missed as they make the whole picture understandable.

Tracks and Features

The 16-track Album opens with “Lovesickness” and begins with those ethereal, woozy keys and background vocals before the fat bass line enters; it allows Toliver to ease in with rhythm as this does indeed feel like a comfortable beginning, and from his safe space. After a brief stanza, the progression includes a bridge and an outro.

It isn’t anything to get too worked up over, but it briefly introduces the 16-track Album. The Album’s production, led by Cardo, starts with a safe “Best foot forward” type of opening and promises to take the listener on a fascinating voyage as it goes along.

“Let Her Go” features Blake, who blends wherever he goes. Sonically, With both of them extensively utilizing ambient and ethereal soundscapes, it is easy to understand why this collaboration works. The heavy rhythm and Toliver’s falsetto make for a delightful listening experience. But, again, Toliver is protected in his secure Pocket regarding creativity. The song’s standout moment is the high-pitched pre-chorus, which in many ways, takes the show.

The song features the duo singing about themes like hopeless romantics, accepted resolves, doubts, and inadequacy in love. For the last minute or so of the song, when Blake enters and slows the piece down with his graceful voice fusing in and out of Toliver’s, the rhythm changes and briefly suggests an 80s pop sound before returning musically to the groove.

Don and Kali Uchis on “4Me” is quite brilliant. There isn’t that over-the-top feeling of doing too much as the duo delivers with more complementing than out-shining. As expected, Kali Uchis is fire. A Beenie Man flip looks like something you can’t go wrong with. Toliver and Uchis have previously worked together, so everything on “4 Me” flows easily, which may account for the audacity this track commands. This song does not disappoint you; the vocals are also evident. Since 2020, he has been dating American singer Kali Uchis, so the synergy is typical and expected to be natural.

The transition between “4 Me” and the next track, “Go Down,” which also includes Tisakorean, sounds lovely. One of the details that remind listeners that Toliver is from the Ye circle, the Travis camp, is the transitions. They are experts in the specifics and ensure that it shouldn’t be disregarded.
This melody has hints of an R&B song from the early 2000s. Not the guitar riff and chords that are pretty serenading in a way, so much as the writing and performance cadence.

“Time Heals All,” the first solo song since the intro track, includes the return of Fat basslines. In addition, the song’s layout, which features bells and woodwinds, adds lively color. This melody sounds good and is similar to other music that has been released. Sometimes Don lets his emotions show, and you can almost hear it in his mellow voice.

For the “Honeymoon,” Don came prepared with a unique enthusiasm for this. A fantastic mood permeates this track. The beat and flow are both perfectly adequate. This song makes you want to light a joint or something, as the bass is in full blare on this track.

“Private Landing” has Powerweights Future and Justin Bieber on the song. As expected, it has challenging beat arrangements that give the trap feeling wings, and Future’s verse is quite long. However, Justin’s bridge is as “classic Justin” as possible.

The tenth track on the Album, “Slow Motion” with Wizkid, has the star boy’s afro feel infusion.
The beat arrangement, which leans more heavily towards the R&B vibe after the Justin Bieber feature, fits perfectly. Beats with big basses come first, and WizKid enters floating at the transition point. An R&B playlist selection. Commendations to Don and the executive producers for clearer maximizing the advantages of the stars.

The Album’s closing track comes after “If I Had,” which featured Take-you-to-church Charlie Wilson and is considered its pure art, “Bus Stop,” featuring Brent Faiyaz doing what Brent does on features-Kill it, and “Cinderella,” featuring Don and Toro Y Moi. For “If I Had,” Charlie belts out those OG vocals in the background, and Don doesn’t need to do much. This is one of the outstanding tracks of the Album.

The closing track, “Encouragement,” has the Album’s energy increase slightly as the listening journey ends. Here, we hear Don’s unmistakable voice over a production reminiscent of the 1970s, with a touch of funk and a hint of the Future. Throughout the song, Don varies his cadence a little bit. It gives off a bit of Ye’s outro from “The College Drop-Out.” and seems like a fitting check for a project that completes its intended purpose -Please your ears with beautiful vocalization and suitable musical arrangements.


1 LoveSickness 1:54
2 Let Her Go (feat. James Blake) 3:12
3 Leave The Club (feat. Lil Durk & GloRilla) 3:42
4 4 Me (feat. Kali Uchis) 2:40
5 Go Down (feat. TisaKorean) 3:30
6 Time Heals All 3:53
7 Leather Coat 4:01
8 Honeymoon 3:04
9 Private Landing (feat. Justin Bieber & Future) 3:58
10 Slow Motion (feat. Wizkid) 2:48
11 Do It Right 2:54
12 If I Had (feat. Charlie Wilson) 3:28
13 Company Pt. 3 3:00
14 Bus Stop (feat. Brent Faiyaz) 3:56
15 Cinderella (feat. Toro y Moi) 3:46
16 Encouragement 2:56

Album Summary

It offers enough standout tracks to last beyond expectations thanks to features in all the right places, great production, and Don’s incredibility. In addition, there’s enough sonic variation to appeal to various listeners. Don Toliver’s latest New Album, “Love Sick,” is a solid addition to his catalog. While occasionally incorporating good, energizing trap beats, it contains mellow, laid-back R&B-style instrumentals. Don Toliver sings in his trademark autotune on the Album while mumbling a bit. Although enjoyable, it is all the Album has to offer.


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