Drake & 21 Savage “Her Loss” Album Review

Her Loss

Drake & 21 Savage

    • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    • Date: 04 Nov, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2022 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc

Overall, the project is executed and meets all of our expectations. As usual, the tones and sounds of Drake and 21 Savage go well together. There are some upbeat moments scattered throughout, but you won’t find any major singles or albums that seem like pop music or anything for mainstream. The fact that there are lengthy sections where the album sounds more like a Drake record with 21 Savage than a collaborative album is one criticism of the work. The album’s selection of four solo Drake songs and just one solo 21 Savage song only serves to reinforce this impression.

Album Cover Art

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The chosen model for the front cover of “Her Loss” is exotic dancer, Yasuka, whose right cheek is partly covered in a Band-Aid, which is similar of the location of the bandage on Nelly’s “Nellyville” album cover. The lady’s sparkling white teeth are adorned with two gold fronts, and her penetrating brown eyes have ridiculous eyelashes. She also sports a Chanel earring and shows off some baby front hair.

Tracks and Features

“Rich Flex,” the project’s first track, follows 21’s “A Lot” format, starting with a soul sample and transitioning into a loose but upbeat production. Then, after what is likely the heaviest rhythm on the album, the first beat change occurs. This brilliantly sets the tone for the album, which features a couple rapid beat changes. This beat alteration is also heard in the single feature on the album, “Pussy & Millions” with Travis Scott who comes in with the Trap sauce we didn’t think the track needed. Without a beat change, what would a Travis Scott feature be?

Drake’s singing is occasionally used to transition to beat changes, particularly to a harder beat, which contrasts with the production’s and the song’s content’s hardness. This is something we notice a few tracks in. We hear some big boy, wealthy man bars on “Middle of the Ocean” over some vintage-sounding production. “Niggas so ignorant in our hood they asking, Why you making techno?” raps Drizzy as he addresses the public at the Honestly, Nevermind reception. Pretty funny.

In addition, 21 Savage raps, “I don’t show ID at the clubs since they know I’m 21.” Sick double entendre wordplay. He even attempts the AM/PM series by adding more bars to “3AM on Glenwood.” However, 21 really outdid himself on this song. Hip-hop purists will endorse this. Hopefully, he’ll continue to do this in the future.

The notable tracks on the album are “Treacherous Twins,” “Broke Boys,” “Jumbotron Shit Poppin,” and “More M’s,” which features a shout-out to Mississauga and joins “Rich Flex,” “On BS,” “Middle of the Ocean,” and “Major Distribution,” with its minimalist piano production. Even with all the bangers, “Hours in Silence” still has some of Drake’s signature minimalist R&B vibes. Even 21 participates in the R&B singing.

The album’s final song, “I Guess It’s Fuck Me,” is among its strongest songs and a fantastic way to wrap things up. There was a sense that something was lacking before that. It exudes drama and majesty because to the horns and piano chords. Drake is at his best when he is self-aware and open, giving us the kind of music we can listen to as we drive at night and reflect on our life. The one is this. Drake gave us what we wanted for the most part of the album, but this song is what we needed, uplifting and changing the mood of the whole thing.


1 Rich Flex Drake & 21 Savage 3:59
2 Major Distribution Drake & 21 Savage 2:50
3 On BS Drake & 21 Savage 4:21
4 BackOutsideBoyz Drake 2:32
5 Privileged Rappers Drake & 21 Savage 2:40
6 Spin Bout U Drake & 21 Savage 3:34
7 Hours In Silence Drake & 21 Savage 6:39
8 Treacherous Twins Drake & 21 Savage 3:00
9 Circo Loco Drake & 21 Savage 3:56
10 Pussy & Millions (feat. Travis Scott) Drake & 21 Savage 4:02
11 Broke Boys Drake & 21 Savage 3:45
12 Middle of the Ocean Drake 5:56
13 Jumbotron Shit Poppin Drake 2:17
14 More M’s Drake & 21 Savage 3:41
15 3AM on Glenwood 21 Savage 2:58
16 I Guess It’s Fuck Me Drake 4:23

Album Theme

Mixed along with singing and vulnerable lyrics about love and relationships are upbeat Southern bangers and gang jargon which in essence, is what many might anticipate from the duo.

Production Credits

40, Anthem, B100, BanBwoi, Boi-1da, BoogzDaBeast, Cheeze Beatz, Daniel East, DannoProductionz and many more talented music producers were involved in the album’s production.


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