EP Review: JayMikee “Dìde” (Soundtracks from the movie ENOCH)

Dide (Soundtracks from the movie ENOCH) – EP


  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Date: 16 Mar, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 5
  • ℗ 2023 Mount Zion Music Studios

The soundtrack album for the popular Nigerian Christian movie ENOCH: A Biopic of Pastor E. A. Adeboye, “Dìde,” was just released by singer and actor Joshua Mike Bamiloye, better known by his stage name JayMikee. “Dìde” ignites a fresh wave of spiritual awakening, reawakening, and revolution in the hearts of gospel believers who have been tremendously moved by Pastor E. A. Adeboye’s accomplishments, as shown in the passionate revolutionary movie.

EP Cover Art

Ep Review: Jaymikee &Quot;Dìde&Quot; (Soundtracks From The Movie Enoch), Yours Truly, Reviews, December 3, 2023

The EP’s title is boldly written on the cover with two men hidden behind it in a blurry vintage style. Unfortunately, while it is clear JayMikee was not trying to do much with this album cover, it doesn’t come out terribly.

Tracks and Features

A quick drum bang sets the ball rolling as the EP opens with “Oluwa Ku Ise,” a song of deep gratitude to God. The drum invites the voice of the ever-so-serenading vocals of the singer, which begins chant. The chant continues in the Yoruba tongue, and after a while, she is joined by other harmonizing backup voices. This is when a different color splashes on the canvass, beautifying the song and bringing it to life. The delicate blend of voices over a soft instrumental of drums and piano was lovely to listen to. The vibe is so peaceful, and the rendition of the vocalists is pretty impressive. This track would make for a great worship song. It is also that song you could have on your Sunday playlist. Funnily enough, the song is not upbeat but uplifting, even if you don’t understand the language.

The second track tells us about “Another Fellowship in Heaven.” JayMikee begins by asking if we know about another fellowship in Heaven. After the first line, he is joined by supporting baritone vocals that sing along with him till the end of the song. It’s incredible how these great vocalists banded together to revamp a piece many born into religious Nigerian households grew up listening to. The simplicity of the song is commendable. Ending the chill Gospel tune on an inspiring note, Jay sincerely wishes to see all his listeners in Heaven. Aww.

The uplifting song leads us to the next track, “The Transition (Chant).” Guitar chords begin the song and are joined by piano keys. Afterward comes sounds from the traditional Yoruba talking drum, then some thrilling synthesizers. As the mentioned sounds and instruments come together in beautiful, sober synchrony, harmonious voices from the backups enter the chat. They start humming in unison over the blended sounds to produce an emotive melody fitting for a Mount Zion film. The backup vocals fade a notch when the singer’s voice shows up bearing chants of a foreign tongue. What’s most appealing about this song is the careful composition and arrangement of the instrumentation. This track would make the cut if Christian Yoruba lo-fi was a thing.

“Legacy” applies the same chill vibe as the last song. Starting with some synths and keys, drums get introduced and change the pace and mood of the beat but don’t tamper much with the calmness of the vibe. There is no singing done, just instrumentals and peace. Also befitting for specific movie scenes in a biopic such as “Enoch.” There is always a representation of the indigenous Yoruba culture in every track, as did not fail to throw in some talking drum sounds in the instrumentation: great composition and beat progression.

On a somber note, the title track brings the short soundtrack EP to a melodious end. The song starts slow and adds some pace when the drums and the voices of the various singers show up. The harmonious background chant from the enchanting voices of Tee Worship plays the beautiful role of being lush palm fronds on which the singer rides. They blend in such an incredible manner that evokes emotions and goosebumps. You may not understand the language, but this song still has what it takes to grip you tightly and make you never want to leave.





1Oluwa Ku Ise3:38
2Another Fellowship in Heaven2:19
3The Transition (Chant)4:12
5Dide (feat. Tee Worship)3:21

EP Theme

The concept is to inspire worship and gratitude to God from listeners even if they don’t get to watch the film for which the soundtrack EP was made.

Production Credits

The producers on the record have not been disclosed.


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