Eugy “Sweetboy Savage” EP Review

Sweetboy Savage


  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 19 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: GH
  • Track(s): 7
  • ℗ 2023 Future State Inc., Distributed by BT Music Worldwide

The brilliant Ghanaian musician Eugy has finally released his new EP. The much anticipated expanded playlist features seven beautiful songs that showcase Eugy’s extraordinary musical talent and breadth. Maleek Berry, LadiPoe, and K-zaka are just a few of the excellent list of top-tier industry musicians that appear on “Sweetboy Savage.”

Fans and music enthusiasts alike will enjoy listening to each song on the EP because they each feature a unique combination of musical styles and captivating melodies. Eugy’s ability to seamlessly transition between Afrobeat, R&B, and hip-hop influences is demonstrated in each song. In addition, his infectious zeal and sweet voice elevate the project to new heights and add a layer of charm to the already intriguing production.

EP Cover Art

Eugy &Quot;Sweetboy Savage&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 15, 2024

The color purple must be a favorite among heartbroken lover boys. Even Omah Lay agrees. The same color is Eugy’s choice of shirt and the overall theme color for this cover art. He faces sideways, makes a “damn, did I just get played” face, and the photog, editor, and graphic designer finish the rest.

Tracks and Features

The first song, “Bring Your Body Down,” is dedicated to his lover or love interest. Over the calm Killbeat-engineered production, Eugy professes his love and sings about being tired of the games they play. Regardless, he tells her what he is willing to do to put a big smile on his baby’s face. However, the only thing he could ever ask for is for her to be down for the ride, for the long haul. This is that jam you could have on rotation when expecting that special someone to show up or when you’re cruising around town in the fantastic evening—that calm but bougie vibe.

“Let Me Treat You” continues the bougie vibe. Eugy sings about spoiling his girl silly. He offers to take her on fancy vacays and dates because he wants to pamper her like a princess and because he was trying to appease her after hurting her. He also gets vulnerable for two seconds and admits to his flaws and needing his baby despite being a gangster. The beat is calm. Not a particularly spectacular song, but we also cannot pass it for a bad song.

The tempo switches gears in “Push It To The Limit” featuring K-Zaka, with the introduction of Amapiano, which is funny because the song began to like it was going to be another chill House music. Eugy is all about his baby and her happiness. He desires to give her everything and only asks for her time and attention. For the next track, “Medicine,” Eugy invites Maleek Berry and Mavins’ Ladipoe. The intimacy shared between lovers is the song’s central theme, and the featured guests kill their verses without mercy, especially Poe: crazy lyricist, that guy. Also, the beat helped guide the flow, so it should get some shine.

Eugy looked at his girl and decided her body was “Enough For Me.” He appreciates and loves her body so much that he indirectly promises he wouldn’t cheat on her because he wouldn’t want no other body. The catchy chorus, the rich Afrobeat production, and Eugy’s flow came together beautifully. This one’s an easily likable jam. And for the last song on the EP, Eugy isn’t insecure enough to admit to his girl that he’s always “Thinking Bout You.” He’s so into his lover that he daydreams about the next time their next linking would be—crazy stuff for a “gangster” to confess. But everyone needs a little love at the end of the day. The somber closing tune becomes the calm to the storm in the five previous tracks. Not a bad outing.

EP Theme

The musings of a rich heartbroken gangster who is a helpless romantic.

Production Credits

3zenti, K-Zaka & Zyron Blue produced the EP.


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