Ice Prince – “To Be Continued” EP Review

To Be Continued – EP

Ice Prince

  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 17 Feb, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • ℗ 2023 Super Cool Cats Ent. / Dvpper Music

The six-track EP “To Be Continued,” featuring the previously published song “Get At You,” was released by the incredibly skilled rapper Ice Prince on Friday. Five solo tracks and one joint effort, titled “Disco,” featuring Mstruff, make up the EP. It is Ice Prince’s first release since he released the “Cold” EP in 2018.

EP Cover Art

Ice Prince - &Quot;To Be Continued&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Ice Prince is the only blurred image on this EP cover, in which he can be seen rocking a wool sweater adorned with stripes of three colors. With his pose, you can tell he is trying to hide his face, as most stars get before a swarm of unexpected paparazzi. He is also sporting his pricey iced-out Cuban link necklace and a hat that aids the face masking.

Tracks and Features

The gentle guitar strumming kicks off the album with “Bless,” in which Zamani opens up to his listeners about his journey in life and his musical career. Spitting hard rhymes over a chill, guitar-spiced instrumental, Ice gets honest about some of the ups and downs he has experienced in life. He even tells us how crushed he felt when his babe left him. But regardless of all the obstacles he has had to go through, he still feels blessed and expresses just that in this song.

The vibration goes up a notch on “Disco,” which features Mstruff. This song tells the story of a toxic relationship that works or finds a way to. Despite Ice’s lack of trust in his lover, he still does the most for her because of his love. He spends his affection on her, and she seems stuck on him. Mstruff also came with his A-game, belting out melodies in the song’s chorus, which blends with the beat like a brown skin girl in a brown dress. The song’s production deserves credit too. Blaise Beatz is always in the spirit. This jam gives us a little dose of the singing Ice Prince!

Then we climb down to the lovely “Get At You.” Ice Prince bemoans the present state of his broken relationship with the love of his life. In very sleek bars, he tells us all he wants, more than anything, is to get at his baby. He lets us into their private moments, him sitting by the pool, sipping something cool while watching his girl take a swim. He admits that though the relationship had been pretty rocky, he would do anything to have a word with her again. The vulnerability expressed in the song is a natural attraction.

Ice Prince never lost it, and it is written all over “All Day,” which is what we think is the best song on this project. Everything slaps. From the incredible Chopstix production to Ice Prince’s wizardly delivery. Also, there is this sweet synchrony between Ice’s singing and the banging beats. When he sang and then broke into rapping, mad chills. See, in this song, Zamani brings the party to you and smacks you with a vibe that would make you feel guilty for not dancing or nodding. It’s already common knowledge that Chopstix is an OG, the same way Ice Prince is an OG. This is what happens when two talented OGs come together—pure, sweet magic.

He gets vulnerable again on “Holding On” and tells us about what life has taught him so far and how his perceptions have changed, making him realize his mistakes. Of course, he can’t change the past, but at least he is honest with himself. He emphasizes why we have to tell ourselves the truth. Closing out the album, “Jah Bless Me,” sees the rapper asking for Jah’s blessing despite his imperfections. He also paid tribute to the late actor and model Rico Swavey. The background vocals gave some space to shine—a fashionable ending to a solid project.


1 Bless 3:01
2 Disco (feat. Mstruff) 2:50
3 Get at You 2:40
4 All Day 2:46
5 Holding On 2:26
6 Jah Bless Me 3:04

EP Theme

A memorable comeback that shows the rapper’s evolution, which comes out in the vulnerable lyrics and freedom of expression. He takes us on a journey that exposes his challenges with life and relationships.

Production Credits

Blaise Beatz, Chopstix, and other creatives worked on the EP’s production.


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