Kane Brown “Different Man” Album Review

Different Man

Kane Brown

    • Genre: Country
    • Date: 09 Sep, 2022
    • Content: Not-explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 17
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The title of Brown’s third full-length album, “Different Man,” couldn’t be more accurate. Brown stands out as a disruptor who isn’t afraid to go against the trend and a breath of new air in a very conservative sector. The fact that “Different Man” is completely packed with country music tracks, occasionally even veering into country & western, will astonish all the traditionalists and gatekeepers.

As Brown goes full-on cowboy over much of this album, the experimentation that Brown has occasionally flirted with during past periods of his career on single and EP releases has definitely been held at arms length. If you prefer traditional Country music, you might be surprised to learn that Brown has a handful of songs on “Different Man” that suit the description.

Album Cover Art

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On a black-and-white photograph, Brown dons a black singlet which covers a little section of his heavily-tattooed skin that even stretches down both arms. His disposition appears very calm and peaceful as a gentle smile plays on his face. Somehow the ornaments around and hanging down his neck match the whole vibe. Without even knowing a scratch of his past, if Brown approaches you looking this chill and tells you he’s a different man, you would be very tempted to buy his story.

Tracks and Features

Brown sings about where he wishes to be buried after he passes away in the album’s opening track, “Bury Me in Georgia.” With some piercing guitars and a church organ in the last third that further intensifies the funereal atmosphere, it is a darker, somewhat portentous tune. The feel and tone of the album’s title tune, which also features Blake Shelton, fall somewhere between those of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” and Shelton’s own “God’s Country.”

The brash, direct tune “Riot,” which Brown currently employs to start his live performances, is a hybrid of an intro tape and a song. As the song develops, there are some frantic John Osborne-style guitars that rock out, making this one an outstanding gem that will fit well in Brown’s live act for years to come.

A lively, fiddle-flied romp with strong 90s vibes, the recent smash “Like I Love Country Music” is a good example. In terms of style, it’s eerily reminiscent of Shania Twain’s “Come on Over,” while Brown performs both country and western music on “Devil Don’t Even Bother.” As Brown sings about a girl who will “eat your heart for breakfast whilst she’s walking out the door,” “Devil…” has the air of a song that could have been written for one of Sergio Leone’s iconic spaghetti westerns from the 1960s or 1970s. Meanwhile, the song “One Mississippi” is a beautiful example of how “old meets modern” Country music can be combined with a tune that sizzles with passion and fire.

The duet that Brown performs with his wife, Katelyn, titled “Thank God,” is certain to make headlines. Katelyn’s singing is lovely. As the pair sings of their love for one another, the music is smooth, powerful, and completely suitable. A gentle song with a beautiful cadence, “Leave You Alone” develops into something resembling a Bon Jovi ballad with a Bluesy chorus.

Brown pushes the boundaries that he is so renowned for doing in “See You Like I Do,” a smooth, almost 70s-style disco-tinged tune with heavy John Legend overtones. While “Whiskey Sour” is a short, straightforward ballad about heartbreak, it puts Brown’s powerful baritone voice front and center. For private situations and narrative moments, it will be ideal.






1 Bury Me in Georgia Kane Brown 4:01
2 Different Man Kane Brown & Blake Shelton 2:55
3 Like I Love Country Music Kane Brown 3:54
4 Go Around Kane Brown 3:23
5 Grand Kane Brown 2:58
6 See You Like I Do Kane Brown 3:09
7 Thank God Kane Brown & Katelyn Brown 2:54
8 Leave You Alone Kane Brown 3:34
9 Riot Kane Brown 3:26
10 One Mississippi Kane Brown 3:34
11 Drunk or Dreamin’ Kane Brown 4:20
12 Losing You Kane Brown 3:32
13 Whiskey Sour Kane Brown 3:31
14 Pop’s Last Name Kane Brown 3:33
15 Devil Don’t Even Bother Kane Brown 2:49
16 Nothin’ I’d Change Kane Brown 3:33
17 Dear Georgia Kane Brown 3:08

Album Theme

Brown has always been superb at delving deeply into intimate, biographical music, and “Different Man” upholds that outstanding heritage.

Production Credits

Andrew Goldstein, Dann Huff, Ilya Toshinskiy, Kane Brown & Lindsay Rimes held things down in the production department.


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