Khalid ‘Softest Touch’ Song Review

Khalid's 'Softest Touch' is a Heartfelt Ode to Love and Happiness

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Softest Touch – Single


  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 31 Mar, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 RCA Records, in conjunction with Right Hand Music Group

In a world that has been coping with the aftermath of a pandemic for over two years, Khalid’s latest single, “Softest Touch,” is a welcome burst of positivity. The composition, which Khalid, Vaughn Oliver, Blake Straus, and Nico Stadi co-wrote, celebrates the simple joys of a tender, loving relationship. The infectious melody and upbeat rhythm are certain to inspire fans to dance and chant along.

The song’s opening notes transport listeners to a world of softness and tenderness where love is the ultimate objective. Khalid sings about a woman with the “softest touch” of whom he cannot get enough. The lyrics paint a picture of an effortless and natural relationship in which two people simply appreciate being together.

Khalid sings in the chorus, “You’ve got the softest touch, I just can’t get enough / When it comes to you, you are the one I want / This touch, you’ll always be the one I want / You’ll always be the one.”

This composition departs from Khalid’s previous album, Free Spirit, which was more introspective and melancholy. Instead, “Softest Touch” is an ode to life and love, with Khalid singing about appreciating life’s basic pleasures.

In an interview with Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Khalid explained his inspiration for the tune: “It’s been an interesting couple of years. I feel like everyone has been a bit confused, sad, and under the weather, so I wanted to release something that I felt was unquestionably joyful for my fans. There are positive vibes, positive energy, and people are simply contributing to the world and giving them love to hang onto.”

The song’s upbeat atmosphere is contagious and is certain to cheer up listeners. The singer’s characteristic low-pitched vocals are layered over the ’70s-influenced rhythm. The production, which features a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, is rich and dynamic, with each sound meticulously crafted to create a sense of warmth and closeness.

Khalid expresses his appreciation for his partner’s softness and delicacy in the song’s lyrics, which are straightforward but effective. The pre-chorus, in which he admits that there may be other men in the picture, but that it’s not a problem, is a testament to the confidence and strength of the relationship. It is refreshing to hear a melody that celebrates the beauty of love without falling back on tired clichés.

“Softest Touch” is a charming song that is certain to be a success with Khalid’s fans. It is a departure from his previous work, but it is a welcome one, revealing the artist’s positive and joyful aspect. The song serves as a reminder that sometimes the simplest things in life are the most beautiful, and that love is a potent force capable of lifting us up even in the darkest of times.

“Softest Touch” is a much-needed dose of pleasure and optimism in a world that has been through so much over the past few years. Khalid’s lyrics and vocals and the song’s lush orchestration create an irresistible sense of warmth and tenderness. This song will inspire its listeners to dance, chant, and celebrate the splendor of love and life.

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