Kid Cudi “The Boy Who Flew To The Moon (Vol. 1)” Album Review

The Boy Who Flew To The Moon, Vol. 1

Kid Cudi

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2022-07-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 18
  • A Republic Records Release; This Compilation ℗ 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Kid Cudi “The Boy Who Flew To The Moon (Vol. 1)” Album Artwork

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Album Cover Art

The Boy Who Flew To The Moon is Kid Cudi’s first-ever greatest hits album, encompassing his whole career. Universal Music Enterprises currently has Vol. 1 available. The previously unreleased “Love” is among the 18-track collection. The single will debut on all streaming service platforms for the first time, having previously only been available on Soundcloud.

Notably, Dot Da Genius and Cudi, who have worked together for years, produced the song. He sings the reassuring words, “You’ll be okay, you’ll find real love,” over a sample of Ratatat’s “Sunblocks.” His instantly identifiable hazy melodies drift above breezy guitars towards the confirmation.

The Boy Who Flew To The Moon provides a thorough summary of the legend’s early career in the 21st century. Tracing his journey, it includes highlights like “By Design” [feat. André 3000] , “Surfin'” [feat. Pharrell Williams] , and the recently certified Platinum “Tequila Shots” in addition to the classic 5x Platinum “Day ‘N’ Nite (Nightmare),” 5x Platinum “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” [feat. MGMT & Ratatat] , and Platinum “Just What I Am” [feat. King Chip] .

Tracks and Features

The loner’s anthem “Day ‘N’ Nite (Nightmare)” sets the ball rolling. The song is like the warm embrace you receive on a chilly day. Cudi sings, describing his personal struggles with everyday life and how he copes through it. This is a song many would easily relate to, little wonder it’s sold millions of copies worldwide.

It’s almost like the first track set the tone for “Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)”, still touching on personal struggles. Happiness seems to be the end goal and solo purpose for Solo Dolo, and he has a certainty that he’ll be alright when he finally meets happiness while drowning in alcohol and smoke.

On the third track, he is wondering how he became a “Ghost!”. Still pouring out his troubled emotions, he somehow has reason to believe there is some hope in what is to come. “Mr. Rager” comes in next with tales from his many travels and adventures. If escapism was a song. A documentation of some sort of his journey as a person and artist is what “The Dream Time Machine” seems to be on about. The singing was so in sync with the trippy instrumentation.

Living up to potential and having a purpose or destiny becomes the theme of the next song, “Upper Room” . Cudi pats himself on the back for coming out better and stronger than he was when first faced with his many past challenges. The first feature on the compendium of songs comes in next. King Chip joins Cudi on “Just What I Am”. On this one, all they want to do is puff on some to levitate their minds. Real trippy, Cudi-style themed chorus.

“Unfuckwittable” brings in a rock vibe onto the dancefloor, throwing in some hard lead guitar strumming. The song is an ode to self that finds Cudi hyping himself. The energy matched the message. On “Balmain Jeans” with Raphael Saadiq, things start getting hot and sexy with both artists tap into sensual, emotional side.

“Too Bad I Have To Destroy You” tells the story of a celebrity; folks spewing all sorts of crap about an artist but can never look them in the eye, and the unexpected betrayals from trusted people in their circle. From his album “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” comes the next two tracks, “Confused!” and “Speedin’Bullet 2 Heaven”, both sharing similar themes of personal worries but having some motivation to keep pushing giving it a silver lining.

From his 2016 LP, “Passion, Pain and Demon Slaying” comes the next song, “By Design” with André ‘3000’ Benjamin. A collab that we didn’t think we needed. Like hands and gloves, they both bounce off and complement each other. Perfect production as always. Off the same 2016 album, he teams up with OG, Pharrell Williams on “Surfin'”. “Tequila Shots”, “Sad People”, “Sept. 16” and lastly, “love”, the unreleased special added to the collection, closes out the album.

Production Credits

Production was handled by Dot Da Genius, Pharrell, and mostly Kid Cudi.


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