Kodak Black “Pistolz & Pearlz” Album Review

Pistolz & Pearlz

Kodak Black

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 26 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 21
  • ℗ 2022 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Kodak Black has released his brand-new album “Pistolz & Pearlz” after announcing it earlier this week. This, his fifth studio album, is a follow-up to “Back For Everything” from the previous year. Additionally, Kodak Black released “Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1” last year. There are 21 tunes in the album, and artists from the Sniper Gang and EST Gee and Loe Shimmy appear as guests.

The project welcomes you into a realm where musical brilliance meets unadulterated feelings. This album demonstrates the artist’s development and flexibility well, highlighting his skill with words and compelling storytelling. Each song carries listeners on an unforgettable trip from beginning to end by fusing upbeat sounds with meaningful lyrics that make an impression.

Album Cover Art

Kodak Black &Quot;Pistolz &Amp; Pearlz&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Kodak appears pensive on the cover of his new album. He is gussied in a pink suit, pants, a white shirt, and an artsy tie. Behind him is a shiny black ride with its backdoor open to allow the colorful flowers to roll down. While Yak may seem sad, he still wants his flowers.

Tracks and Features

The album starts with the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced title track, “Pistolz & Pearls,” where Yak rapped about the superstar lifestyle. He recounts some of the ordeals he had to face while growing up and coming up in the rap game. He confesses his love for beautiful women and other materialistic stuff and declares that he would instead get his flowers from the mud if no one would give him those. There was zero passion or energy in Kodak’s delivery, though. The track was saved by its production.

“Roses” features VVSNCE, and it doesn’t quite hit like a love song, which is what it was crafted to be. Well, the toxic version of it. Regardless, there are great toxic love songs that slap, but this just isn’t it. VV did her best to hold hers, but somehow, Coi Leray is all you hear when she sings. For “Get Away,” Yak teams up with Loe Shimmy, who does most work and saves the song with his silky vocals. Loe looks to convince his girl for a getaway trip as he sings about his mushy feelings for her. It’s a chill song that would’ve used calm rap, but Kodak thought otherwise.

On “Dirt McGerk,” he taps EST Gee and Lil Crix, and they rap about street life and the love for the grind, drugs, and hoes. They flowed well over the beat, though. Turning into a singer in “Tryna Figure Why,” Yak reflects on his past and the shit he has to go through daily, especially with his lovers and slimy dudes.

On the sober “Murder Mystery,” he sings about the downsides of thugging in the streets and the few dear people he has lost to the game. “Church on Saturday” with WizDaWizard, Wam SpinThaBin, and Syko Bob showcases more of the street life, the lavish lifestyle, and shenanigans with their women. Finally, black shows vulnerability in “A Beautiful Rainbow,” where he sings about a failed relationship and unfaithful women in today’s contemporary society, leading to his loneliness, probation, and slowly becoming a better person.

The vulnerability continues in “No Love For A Thug.” He goes in more profoundly to describe the realness of the present state of his life, about how he lost his best pal and his woman. The calm beat helps push the message further. Kodak Black pours his heart out every single second. He also admits that he needs a hug and despises fame, being heartbroken, and the person he’s become.

On the album’s final track, “Down With You,” he appreciates his woman and wishes for nothing else but to be down with her, to spend time with his baby, significantly after he had “jumped through hoops” to win her heart.


1 Pistolz & Pearlz 3:11
2 Roses (feat. Vvsnce) 2:33
3 Get Away (feat. Loe Shimmy) 2:56
4 Flirting With Death (feat. GorditoFlo) 3:58
5 Dirt McGerk (feat. EST Gee & Lil Crix) 3:53
6 Dope Boy Magic 2:17
7 Tryna Figure Why 3:28
8 Follow Me 3:00
9 Murder Mystery 2:41
10 Church On Saturday (feat. Syko Bob, Wam SpinThaBin & WizDaWizard) 3:40
11 Beretta Love 4:01
12 X&O’s 3:00
13 Die Today 2:26
14 Gunsmoke Town 2:54
15 That For Real 2:26
16 A Beautiful Rainbow 2:15
17 Snipers And Robbers 2:18
18 Balance 2:31
19 No Love For A Thug 5:05
20 Stay 4:28
21 Down With You 3:41

Album Theme

Black relays his Ls and triumphs while baring his soul on tracks as he takes his listeners on a journey through the chapters of his life that led to his present.

Production Credits

AirWay, Chi Chi, Dez Wright, Dr. Zeuz, Dun Deal, DVOSK, Dyryk, E.C Fresco, L Beats, Mike WiLL Made-It, Oscar Zulu, Pluss, Pooh Beatz, ProdByCTP, Section 8, Sir Poseidon, TnTXD & Vince Made The Beat produced the album.


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