Korede Bello & Mr Eazi “Jejely” Song Review

A Smooth Collaboration With A "Peace" Message

Nigerian music talents Korede Bello and Mr Eazi have collaborated on a new song titled “Jejely,” which has received positive feedback from both artists’ fans. The song features sweet vocals from both Korede and Mr Eazi and is a pleasant blend of afrobeats and highlife rhythms.

The lyrics of the song emphasize the significance of living a tranquil and stress-free life, with both performers underlining the necessity of focusing on one’s own path rather than worrying about the thoughts or actions of others. “Jejely, jejely o, me I dey my lane,” the chorus repeats, translating to “slowly, slowly, I’m in my own lane.”

Korede Bello’s verse emphasizes that he is not interested in comparing himself to others or attempting to outdo them since he understands that everyone’s journey is unique. He also mentions how prosperity and worldly belongings should not be the primary emphasis of one’s life because true happiness comes from within.

Mr Eazi’s lyric follows a similar theme, emphasizing the value of living life at one’s own pace and not feeling pressured by other influences. He also mentions “stacking his cheese,” or saving money and building riches, to maintain a peaceful and stable life.

The song’s producer, Nana Rogues uses traditional African sounds such as the highlife guitar and percussion to create a colorful and dynamic sound. The instruments is mixed with new electronic sounds to create a sound that is both nostalgic and modern.

“Jejely” is a welcome change from the conventional afrobeats sound that has dominated Nigerian music in recent years, incorporating elements of highlife and emphasizing the value of inner serenity and personal fulfillment. Korede Bello and Mr Eazi’s collaboration is a natural fit because both singers have a similar laid-back and introspective approach to their music.

“Jejely” is a happy song that will appeal to listeners who want to be reminded to focus on their own journey and live life at their own pace.

The song can potentially become a hit on both the Nigerian and worldwide music scenes, thanks to its catchy chorus and vivid production. It is a testament to Korede Bello and Mr Eazi’s ingenuity and brilliance, as well as an optimistic sign for the future of Nigerian music.

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