Larry June & The Alchemist “The Great Escape” Album Review

The Great Escape

Larry June & The Alchemist

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 30 Mar, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2023 The Freeminded Records / ALC / EMPIRE

With the publication of “The Great Escape,” Larry June has created a masterwork that will enthrall both longtime listeners and newcomers. Collaborations with Action Bronson, Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ign, T3, Young RJ, Boldy James, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Worthy, and Joey Bada$$ are included on the album. With excellent lyrics that compliment Alchemist’s distinctive production, each performer contributes their own special touch to the record. The 14-track adventure “The Great Escape,” which is fully produced by The Alchemist, demonstrates Larry June’s range as a rapper.

Larry June achieves success with his ability to work with different producers and collaborators is demonstrated on this album, which also highlights his versatility as a rapper. Larry’s smooth flow blends perfectly with The Alchemist’s production, and the guest appearances only strengthen the album’s positive aspects.

Album Cover Art

Larry June &Amp; The Alchemist &Quot;The Great Escape&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

The album cover features a pretty ill animated shot of a hand placed on a steering, ready to take off. From the yellow gloves used over the hand, down to the choice of wrist accessory, shows a state of preparedness or eagerness for The Great Escape.

Tracks and Features

“Turkish Cotton,” a jazzy track that serves as the album’s opening track, establishes the project’s overall tone. The message that Larry June conveys about making sure your taxes are done correctly strikes a chord with listeners who are struggling to make ends meet. Larry June’s hard-hitting boom-bap song “89 Earthquake” demonstrates his willingness to speak out against anyone who still sees him as a threat. He displays his lyrical skill and self-assurance as an MC by delivering his rhymes with an intensity that demands attention. The single and only Action Bronson is featured on the outstanding song “Solid Plan.” Over a smooth beat, the two rappers trade bars, with Larry June wailing about working for the money.

Big Sean also appears on the cool “Palisades, CA,” which pays homage to the name-brand city in the state of California. On “Summer Reign,” a pleasant sample-driven track that serves as a great anthem to ride around to with the top down, Larry June demonstrates his flexibility. T3 and Young RJ of Slum Village are featured in the jointly produced song “Orange Village” by Beat Butcha. The song has a hypnotic quality to it as the group works, lives, and strives for a better day. In the drumless single “Porsches in Spanish,” Larry June displays his charisma while flexing his bars with grace and style.

The beat on “Art Talk” starring Boldy James is trippy, with the two rappers talking taking it off the blacktop. “Ocean Sounds” is a romantic pop-rap song that doesn’t feel forced, demonstrating Larry June’s ability to experiment with many sounds and styles. “Left No Evidence,” which features Evidence, offers a more spacious sound, with Larry June and Evidence swapping bars over pianos, kicks, and snares. “What Happened to the World?” which features the iconic stoner Wiz Khalifa takes a more laid-back approach, discussing how the only thing on their thoughts is getting the money.

The twangier “Éxito” with Jay Worthy shows off how well-respected the two rappers are and their desire to avoid conflict while working toward success. In the song “60 Days,” which features Uncle Al, the two enthusiastically discuss how anything may happen in two months. The album’s concluding song, “Barragán Lightning,” by Curren$y & Joey Bada$$, is a vibrant ode about living off life. A jazzy, soulful conclusion that recalls Larry June’s youth is “Margie’s Candy House.”


1 Turkish Cotton Larry June & The Alchemist 2:46
2 89 Earthquake Larry June & The Alchemist 3:12
3 Solid Plan (feat. Action Bronson) Larry June & The Alchemist 2:55
4 Palisades, CA Larry June, The Alchemist & Big Sean 3:14
5 Summer Reign (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) Larry June & The Alchemist 2:55
6 Orange Village (feat. Slum Village) Larry June & The Alchemist 3:41
7 Porsches in Spanish Larry June & The Alchemist 2:51
8 Art Talk (feat. Boldy James) Larry June & The Alchemist 3:17
9 Ocean Sounds Larry June & The Alchemist 2:36
10 Left No Evidence (feat. Evidence) Larry June & The Alchemist 3:01
11 What Happened To The World? (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Larry June & The Alchemist 3:52
12 Éxito (feat. Jay Worthy) Larry June & The Alchemist 2:49
13 60 Days Larry June & The Alchemist 3:19
14 Barragán Lighting (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Curren$y) Larry June & The Alchemist 2:32
15 Margie’s Candy House Larry June & The Alchemist 2:45

Album Theme

The primary themes prevalent on the project is getting to the bag, living life, having fun while at it, and giving back to the city.

Production Credits

The Alchemist & Beat Butcha produced the album.


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