Latto “777” Album Review



  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2022-03-25
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2022 Streamcut & RCA Records

Latto’s sophomore album, ‘777’, weaves through Big Latto, the signature hard-hitting persona, whilst turning to the more sensual R&B production that lends itself to a vulnerability. There’s a sense that the riser is leaning into an increasingly diverse approach, welcoming a pop-centric commercial appeal.

777′ is daring and ambitious, paving the way for Latto’s fortunes as she embraces the spheres outside of Atlanta rap. If you haven’t been sold on Latto yet, then we think 777 would be the most important place to start because it’ll have you appreciating her a lot more as an artist than you probably did when she initially broke out.

Her songwriting has gotten better with the same thing applying to the production & the feature choices are a lot more consistent than they were a little over a year back.

Album Cover Artwork

Latto &Quot;777&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 28, 2024Latto stands on an elevated platform that forms a part of a life-size spinning wheel. The female emcee is seen rocking an all-white outfit, influencing even the colour choice of her wig. Boldly carved on the body of the platform she stands on is the number ‘777’, which is also the album’s title.

And bearing in mind what is attributed to the number ‘7’, there could only be two clear messages this artwork attempts to pass. The first is that the rapper fancies herself to be a lucky win for anyone who lands her. The second is that the luck of the 7s is also what she hopes to achieve with this record, as she spins the industry’s wheel in hopes to hit a ‘777’ straight, smash win.

Tracks and Features

‘777’ houses thirteen tracks, alongside features on 5 tracks from fellow peers and rappers, including 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Lil Durk, Nardo Wick, and Kodak Black.

The title track is a 2-part opener with the first half on top of a cloudy trap instrumental from Sonny Digital with the other mixing choir vocals to reaffirm her Queen of da Souf status. 21 Savage tags along for the phonk-influenced “Wheelie” getting raunchy whereas “Big Energy” samples “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey & “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club encouraging listeners to believe in themselves.


NO Title Time
1 777 Pt. 1 1:20
2 777 Pt. 2 2:03
3 Wheelie (feat. 21 Savage) 2:50
4 Big Energy 2:52
5 Sunshine (feat. Lil Wayne & Childish Gambino) 3:26
6 Like A Thug (feat. Lil Durk) 2:52
7 It’s Givin 2:33
8 Stepper (feat. Nardo Wick) 2:27
9 Trust No Bitch 2:33
10 Bussdown (feat. Kodak Black) 2:45
11 Soufside 1:50
12 Sleep Sleep 2:51
13 Real One 2:26

Childish Gambino & Lil Wayne come into the picture for the undeniably catchy “Sunshine” produced by Bongo to talk about feeling good, but then the Lil Durk-assisted “Like a Thug” goes into a more stripped back direction for a lust anthem.

Meanwhile, on “It’s Givin'”, we have Latto going full-on Dirty South with the help of Pooh Beatz & JetsonMade for a dedication to all the boss bitches out there leading into “Stepper” having a Detroit trap quality to it getting on some Bonnie & Clyde shit even though Nardo Wick’s verse does nothing for me at all.

“Trust No Bitch” basically speaks for itself on top of an aggressive beat just before “Bussdown” with Kodak Black finds the 2 for a glossy braggadocio tune produced by OG Parker.

The song “Soufside” breaks down how it be where she’s from with a string-heavy backdrop, while the penultimate track “, Sleep Sleep” is a captivating ballad produced by BoogzDaBeast about sleeping naked. Finally, “Real One” ends the album with a bouncy Pharrell instrumental admitting that she feels disrespected.

Album Theme

Toning down a bit on her braggadocio lyrics, the rapper, on this record, tends to become a tad more self-reflective, more introspective. She is reminiscent of her gradual trajectory and journey from what was to what now is, refusing to compromise its truths despite newfound stardom. With this album, she peels back the layers of her larger-than-life persona.

Production Credits

The album production credits for ‘777’ chiefly go to Dr Luke, Justin Zim, Di$, and Sonny Digital.


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