Lil Baby “It’s Only Me” Album Review

It’s Only Me

Lil Baby

    • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    • Date: 14 Oct, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 23
  • Quality Control Music/Motown Records; ℗ 2022 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc

Lil Baby’s new album, “It’s Only Me,” is supported by his rise over the past few years, which may also help to explain the mindset behind such a frequently phony slog of a record. Naturally, it’s not necessary to pursue solemn, future-classic material, but “It’s Only Me” doesn’t offer anything particularly intriguing or catchy in terms of a collection of grinding bangers.

However, this album’s ambient trap, which lasts for 23 songs, mutes Baby into his customary sonic fare. The majority of the songs are under three minutes, however it wouldn’t be fair to praise Baby for not going overboard on these tracks since the record, aside from a recognizable change in the keys or strings that introduces each new song, essentially merges into one undifferentiated song.

Album Cover Art

Lil Baby &Quot;It'S Only Me&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 14, 2024

Lil Baby’s visage can be seen on each head of the Mount Rushmore-like sculpture that serves as the album cover for “It’s Only Me,” which is shrouded in a hazy sepia storm. It’s a little chutzpah that almost seems justified.

Tracks and Features

The album opens with “Real Spill” which begins with a sonorous, Soul background rendition that ushers in Lil baby’s vocals. His verses, though full of slick talk and braggadocio, casts light on his struggles, street cred and his rise to greatness. He reminds his critics of his influence to the streets and the game in general. The first track with a guest feature, “Pop Out,” has Nardo Wick on it. The track begins with smooth background vocals that carry a message of growth and grace. Lil Baby continues to talk about his gentle but steady rise to the top in spite of the limitations the streets posed to his establishment. Nardo’s entry changes the dynamics of the track, changing the key but not altering the song’s message.

“Heyy” is an easy-going track with the chorus and verses well-delivered. The beat composition is top-notch and the lyrics, as usual, comes loaded with slick talk as he talks about his relationships and flings. Yung Thug comes in on “Never Hating,” a cool Trap track delivered excellently. The duo speak against fake friends and relationships as well as mildly pointing out police brutality. “Forever” featuring Fridayy comes next beginning with the amazing vocals of Fridayy as he delivers a sultry hook. Lil Baby expresses how much he misses his estranged lover despite their troubles, confessing he really wouldn’t mind seeing her again. Moving on to “From Now On” with a guest appearance from Future, expect loads of drug-related chat tinged with braggadocio alongside slick talk. The duo speak about loyalty and announce taking it upon themselves to uphold their true image irrespective of how anyone feels.

With Rylo Rodriguez on “Cost To Be Alive,” there’s a lot of smooth and slick talk though the song’s message of determination and drive isn’t lost. “Stop Playing” featuring Jeremih has the singer rendering real sultry vocals which breathes life into the hook. A R&B/Soul rhythm that helmed with the themes of love and relationship and well, slick talk. EST Gee gets invited on “Back and Forth,” a typical Trap beat with great arrangement and beat sequencing ladened with even more slick talk.

“Shiest Talk” which features Pooh Shiesty, highlights of the street grind, and a shipload of irrelevant comparisons and braggadocio. You lot are rich for days. We get it, we promise. Rounding things off with the last track, “Russian Roulette,” Lil Baby’s versatility is on full display here as he tells a compelling life story which is tied to his family and loyalty. The beat arrangement is excellent and the guitar chords heard at intervals gives the song that captivating touch.






1 Real Spill Lil Baby 3:18
2 Stand On It Lil Baby 2:46
3 Pop Out Lil Baby & Nardo Wick 3:15
4 Heyy Lil Baby 3:12
5 California Breeze Lil Baby 2:57
6 Perfect Timing Lil Baby 2:41
7 Never Hating Lil Baby & Young Thug 2:40
8 Forever (feat. Fridayy) Lil Baby 2:47
9 Not Finished Lil Baby 2:43
10 In A Minute Lil Baby 3:20
11 Waterfall Flow Lil Baby 2:44
12 Everything Lil Baby 2:20
13 From Now On (feat. Future) Lil Baby 2:59
14 Double Down Lil Baby 3:22
15 Cost To Be Alive Lil Baby & Rylo Rodriguez 2:19
16 Top Priority Lil Baby 3:07
17 Danger Lil Baby 2:31
18 Stop Playin (feat. Jeremih) Lil Baby 2:37
19 FR Lil Baby 2:55
20 Back and Forth Lil Baby & EST Gee 2:01
21 Shiest Talk (feat. Pooh Shiesty) Lil Baby 2:03
22 No Fly Zone Lil Baby 3:34
23 Russian Roulette Lil Baby 2:55

Album Theme

Vulnerability and motivation that often morphs into braggadocio.

Production Credits

Anthony Palmer, ATL Jacob, Awavy, Ayo Sim, Beatsbyjuko, Bizness Boi, BMarch808Mafia and loads of other seasoned producers are responsible for the album’s production.


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