Lil Wayne “I Am Music” Album Review

I Am Music

Lil Wayne

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 31 Mar, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 18
  • ℗ 2023 Young Money Records, Inc., distributed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

The legendary rapper and record exec Lil Wayne has published a brand-new compilation album, “I Am Music.” The album, which has 18 songs, is a compilation of some of his best hits. Collaborations with several well-known musicians, including Drake and Jay-Z, may also be found on the album. The album features Lil Wayne’s distinct style and lyrical brilliance, displaying his skill at fusing iconic bars with catchy melodies.

Album Cover Art

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Weezy’s side profile is captured in black and white. He is wearing a black beanie over his long locks. His calm demeanor is similar to one deep in reflective thoughts or just…thoughts. In this case, though, as it applies to this compilation album, that’s the look of a person who came, saw, conquered, and still stuck around.

Tracks and Features

The opening track, “Kan’t Nobody,” features another legendary rapper DMX, who is sampled on the beat while Weezy raps his behind off. He says all he needs to ‘body’ a rapper is a beat with a DMX sample, which is precisely what this is. Of course, Weezy will always come through with the scorching bars. From being cocky and badass, Wayne goes off on the famous “Lollipop,” filling us in with his many sexcapades and adventures with the ladies. The song features the late musician Static Major. The song was one of the biggest rap hits of the early 2000s. Then we get into “A Milli,” and Tunechi displays his lyrical versatility, one of the hardest freestyles of all time. This was also a massive jam in its era.

“Bedrock” takes the stage next and revives nostalgic memories with the sleek bars and smooth deliveries. The Lloyd-featured track comes with a handful of other guest acts, including Nicki Minaj and Drake, who were signed to Young Money then. Cory Gunz appears on the worldwide hit, “6 Foot 7 Foot.” Wayne went in like a thief in the night on two long verses and gave a masterclass on the art of elite rap. It’s incredible how he runs through several themes in one verse! Cory does his thing like a pro too. Whatever happened to him, though?

Lil Wayne snapped on “How To Love,” and everyone knows it. The crazy success of this song is almost as overwhelming as the conscious, deep lyrics that touch on the subject of broken love, which everyone easily relates to. The stellar rap singing and thoughtful instrumentation are evergreen and will stay that way for many moons. Another old-but-gold jam is “Right Above It,” which features Drake. Their rap synchrony (not just on this song) is one for the history books. Drake is one brilliant protege; you can tell he learned well from one of the best to do it. The same goes for “She Will,” one of their most excellent collaborations.

The compilation features other well-decorated icons like Kendrick Lamar on the classic “Mona Lisa” and Bruno Mars on the divine “Mirror.” Wayne linking with Bobby V and Kidd Kidd on “Mrs. Officer” made it a song incapable of being forgotten. This era was so good for hip-hop. Wayne paved the way, an OG in his rights. Superstar producer Swiss Beatz bursts in and causes an “Uproar,” while the Jay-Z-featured “Mr. Carter” becomes the fitting closure to this incredible compilation outing. The bars spewed on this song should be studied.


1 Kant Nobody (feat. DMX) Lil Wayne 3:00
2 Lollipop (feat. Static Major) Lil Wayne 4:59
3 A Milli Lil Wayne 3:41
4 BedRock (feat. Lloyd) Young Money 4:48
5 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz) Lil Wayne 4:08
6 How To Love Lil Wayne 4:00
7 Right Above It (feat. Drake) Lil Wayne 4:31
8 Drop The World (feat. Eminem) Lil Wayne 3:49
9 She Will (feat. Drake) Lil Wayne 5:05
10 Mirror (feat. Bruno Mars) Lil Wayne 3:48
11 Mrs. Officer (feat. Bobby V & Kidd Kidd) Lil Wayne 4:46
12 Blunt Blowin Lil Wayne 5:12
13 Mona Lisa (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Lil Wayne 5:24
14 Uproar (feat. Swizz Beatz) Lil Wayne 3:15
15 No Worries (feat. Detail) Lil Wayne 3:41
16 Fireman Lil Wayne 4:23
17 Go DJ Lil Wayne 4:41
18 Mr. Carter (feat. JAY-Z) Lil Wayne 5:16

Album Theme

The 18-track collection is a great Lil Wayne introduction to anyone who hasn’t heard of him in the past 20 years. It is a great Greatest Hits compilation that successfully gathers the best singles and songs from a nearly 30-year career. In addition, this compilation allows you to revisit Weezy’s career since Tha Carter II and discover why he is regarded as one of the finest hip-hop artists of all time.

Production Credits

The production of the songs in the compilation was taken care of by Avenue Beatz, Bangladesh, Cha Lo, Chase N. Cashe, Deezle, Detail, Drew Correa, Tha Drummahz, DVLP, and a handful of other experienced producers.


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