Louis Tomlinson “Faith in the Future (Deluxe)” Album Review

Faith in the Future (Deluxe)

Louis Tomlinson

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 11 Nov, 2022
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2022 78 Productions Limited under exclusive licence to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

Louis Tomlinson is back with his new album, “Faith In The Future,” following the global success of his 2020 debut album, “Walls,” which has sold over 1.2 million copies. The 30-year-old has meticulously crafted a selection of songs tailored for the live setting on his ambitious second album, raising the bar for his artistry in the process.

“Faith In The Future” is a genre-spanning album that oozes confidence throughout as Tomlinson demonstrates his multifaceted songwriting skills while being completely authentic throughout. Louis’ artistic confidence has never been higher, and he has every reason to be because he unapologetically expanded his horizons and changed on his eye-catching new appearance.

Album Cover Art

Louis Tomlinson &Quot;Faith In The Future (Deluxe)&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

Tomlinson, in a turtleneck sweatshirt, is staring right at you with a serious look on his face and one eye blacked out. He appears unfazed like one with tunnel vision, like one with Faith in the Future.

Tracks and Features

The 14-track album opens with “The Greatest.” The marching band intro leads to the vocals of Louis singing smoothly over the Pop-type beat about love, relationships, unity, ambition and resilience against the odds. The acoustic chords and the rhythmic percussion all combine beautifully with the background vocals to create an amazing tune in the chorus which plays till the end of the track. The next song, “Written All Over Your Face,” is an upbeat, dancey tune that is guaranteed to have you shaking your head in rhythm. Like the previous track, love, denial, affirmation, relationships, and romance are topics explored in the lyrics. The beat interlude that plays at intervals is pretty creative, as well as the background vocals.

“Bigger Than Me” sees Tomlinson telling his captivating story with so much gusto. The Pop-type beat helps convey the emotionality of the song while bringing out the beauty of the vocals. The lead guitar solo chords, the acoustics and percussions all merge in unique fashion to create such amazing sound. Themes of change, choices and decision-making, fate, belief, struggle and judgement are addressed on the song presented by the vocalist in a very touching and heartfelt manner. “Lucky Again” comes next and the first few seconds sets you up for the groovy mood of the entire track. The lead guitar chords are enchanting and the beat arrangement is commendable with his lyrics talking about love, relationships, luck, fate and desire.

It is hard to miss the Pop, upbeat and dancey feel of “Face the Music.” Themes of love, family, passion, desire and romance are largely what the wordings of the song are made up of. The Rock beat-type arrangement seems to have a touch of R&B. Louis also comes clutch as always with his sonorous singing. The chanting background vocals that come in at intervals also complement Louis’ efforts. “Common People” is a cool track that has the vocalist singing about his life and his inspiration. The piano, acoustic guitar and bass chords are in synchrony, creating an enchanting, empathic tune. Love, family, passion, care, heartbreak, inspiration, desire and ambition are the themes covered in the song’s lyrics while the background vocals color up the listening experience.

“That’s the Way Love Goes” closes the album. Love, relationship, care, heartbreak, resilience, fate and desire are themes contained in the lyrics with Louis seemingly speaking to the heartbroken, encouraging them to move on with their lives. The ballad’s intro is one beautiful composition that extends throughout the track. This track is an ideal choice for bringing the album to a close.


1 The Greatest 3:01
2 Written All Over Your Face 2:40
3 Bigger Than Me 3:41
4 Lucky Again 3:27
5 Face The Music 2:48
6 Chicago 3:52
7 All This Time 2:55
8 Out Of My System 2:17
9 Headline 2:53
10 Saturdays 4:24
11 Silver Tongues 3:25
12 She Is Beauty We Are World Class 3:39
13 Common People 2:58
14 Angels Fly 3:37
15 Holding On To Heartache 3:30
16 That’s The Way Love Goes 2:30

Album Theme

With “Faith in the Future,” the singer has managed to slip through the stiff and unconvincing walls of his previous work and reveal the juicy reality that’s been sitting within.

Production Credits

Fred Ball, James Vincent McMorrow, J Moon, Joe Cross, Mike Crossey, Nicolas Rebscher & Red Triangle produced the project.


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