Love’s Disappointment: A Review of FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid (Twin Version)”

FIFTY FIFTY, a popular South Korean female group, has released a new song called “Cupid (Twin Version),” which was created by (Sung Il Ahn), Adam von Mentzer, Mac Felländer-Tsai, and Louise Udin. The song is a soulful ballad about the difficulties of discovering genuine love and the following disappointment.

The song’s lyrics are emotional and relevant, especially to those who have experienced the ups and downs of a relationship. The song begins with Aran singing the first stanza, followed by All singing the second verse. All sing on how she has always been a hopeless lover and how couples constantly surround her. She wonders if this hints that she should abandon her search for genuine love.

Sio takes over the pre-chorus and expresses her loneliness and need for a lover to hold her. With its catchy music and sympathetic lyrics, the chorus sung by All, Aran, and Sio is the song’s highlight. The group sings about giving Cupid another shot but feels silly because love doesn’t seem real.

Aran sings the second verse about her search for Cupid’s arrows and how she’s been yearning for love since November. Sio sings about being cynical about love but still wants it more in the pre-chorus. The chorus is repeated, followed by a brief gap during which the trio repeats the lyric “Cupid is so dumb.”

Aran and Sio sing the bridge, which describes a hopeless girl looking for someone to share her sorrows with. The pair sings about being fools for love and how love can drive people insane. All, Aran, and Sio sing the last chorus, repeating the phrases from the previous chorus.

The song’s lyrics are simple but powerful. They convey the feelings of someone who is looking for love and has been disappointed in the past. With its catchy song and relatable lyrics, the chorus is especially powerful. The saying “Cupid is so dumb,” repeated several times, is a brilliant way of expressing the frustration of failed relationships.

The song’s production is excellent, with a wonderful combination of voices and music. The instrumentation is modest, with the trio’s vocals taking center stage. The harmonies and melodies are well thought out and nicely match the lyrics. The chorus is the song’s highlight with its energetic speed and catchy tune. The acoustic guitar and piano add a mellow, soulful mood to the tune.

“Cupid (Twin Version)” is a lovely ballad about the difficulties of finding genuine love. The words are relatable, and the tune is appealing, making it an excellent choice for any K-Pop playlist. The trio’s vocals are excellent, and the production is superb. FIFTY FIFTY has once again demonstrated their ability to create heartfelt, passionate music that captures the hearts of their followers.

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