Lucky Daye “Candydrip” Album Review


Lucky Daye

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2022-03-10
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Track Count: 17
  • ℗ 2022 Keep Cool/RCA Records

Lucky Daye’s second LP, Candydrip, expands the scope of his laid-back sound only slightly. This project blends both the stylistic qualities of the classics with the lo-fi feel of the Soundcloud era. Across the project, Daye tackles a romance that weaves through the highs and the lows, tugging the singer-songwriter backwards and forwards.

Candydrip is an easy-going body of work, and although at times this plays against the deeper themes that may require more of a punch, it’s a delight to listen to. Daye presents versatility in his approach throughout the project, whether through spoken word, rap verses or pitch-bending hooks that paint multi-dimensional artistry.

Candydrip demonstrates a refinement of his classic R&B sound on nearly all fronts, from the pristine, multi-faceted production to elevated vocal performances, for an album that has equally as much fun bathing in its influences as it does expand on them.

Album Cover Artwork

Lucky Daye &Quot;Candydrip&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 18, 2024

Lucky Daye is photographed lost in a certain indescribable feeling while warm, sticky candy comes down on his frame, head to toe. He is seen rocking some flashy accessories in the form of the thick, entwined and probably slightly heavy necklace around his neck, and the sleek hoop earrings dangling in different directions as the gooey liquid slides down his tilted somewhat neck.

Channelling a honey-coated Teddy Graham on this album cover, Daye seems to send across two messages. First, he is not ashamed to explore his sensual side and black heritage by flaunting his richly-brown skin, portraying the confidence and glow that take root in self-acceptance.

He also hopes to pull listeners in, with the gooey candy figuratively promising a sweet listening experience as eardrums soak in all that Candydrip.

Tracks and Features

Candydrip comes with 17 tracks and three features on tracks 2, 4 and 12. The featured artists include Smino, Lil Durk, and Child. And he leans to his spoken word side to kick things off on “Intro”, which has Daye speaking rhymes of sweet nothings to a love interest and generally the ladies.

‘Guess’ captures Daye’s sultry vocals over a sample of Usher’s ‘You Don’t Have To Call.’ It’s never an easy task to do such an emblematic sample justice, yet Daye’s re-defining attempt reaps its rewards whilst aligning itself with the smoothness and flare of 00’s R&B.

Riding the highs of his deep and utter infatuation with his love interest, the resonating bassline and floating electric guitar licks on “Fever” set the stage for the emotional peak he ascends to.

“Cherry Forest” soars with the undeniable bass-driven groove and luscious group vocals synonymous with the ’70s. Still, the warmth and bliss of the song come from his unwavering confidence, so easily perceptible in his singing.

Alternatively, tracks like ‘NWA’ incorporate elements of Trap and, in turn see a braggadocios Daye merge forces with Lil Durk. Approaching the mid-point of its tracklist, the production depicts Daye’s realization of the toxicity that riddles his relationship, contrasting acoustic guitars with a moody bass on a stand-out single ‘Over.’

It’s on given tracks where Daye’s songwriting and vocal abilities are most striking, desperately seeking an answer: ‘Is it wrong, is it right?’ Following to pick up the pieces is ‘Compassionate,’ a mellow summer jam that paves the way for a bright finale.

It’s on the closing track ‘Ego’ where Sunny Daye finds solace in the unknown, surrounded by warm, laid back instrumentation and angelic choirs finishing his last sentences, “I’m working on my ego….”


NO Title Time
1 Intro 1:53
2 God Body (feat. Smino) 3:21
3 Feels Like 3:29
4 NWA (feat. Lil Durk) 3:51
5 Guess 3:13
6 Candy Drip (Interlude) 1:55
7 Candy Drip 4:40
8 Deserve 4:39
9 Intermission 0:31
10 Over 3:27
11 Fuckin’ Sound 2:44
12 Compassion (feat. Chiiild) 4:22
13 Touch Somebody (Interlude) 1:37
14 Used To Be 4:01
15 Fever 4:00
16 Cherry Forest 4:00
17 Ego 5:50

Album Theme

Candydrip is a thorough and holistic musing on love, both the sensual highs and the bitter lows of fast, passionate romance.

Production Credits

Powerhouse executive producer D’Mile handles the record’s tasteful instrumentation.


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