Maddie & Tae “Through The Madness, Vol. 2” Album Review

Through The Madness, Vol. 2

Maddie & Tae

    • Genre: Country
    • Date: 23 Sep, 2022
    • Content: Not-explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 8
  • A Mercury Nashville Release; ℗ 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc.

With the second installment of Through the Madness, Maddie & Tae confront the shards of maturity, exhibiting observable artistic development. The duo, who are given songwriting credits all the songs, excels when they embrace their own vulnerability and seek out subtle ways to continue to play around with their dynamic vocals.

In addition to perhaps introducing them to new audiences, it is a stunning, entrancing record that is sure to please lovers of their earlier work. Maddie & Tae have convincingly shown in 2022 that the fate of duos within the genre is in dependable and solid hands, even though this is the final bookend of the Through the Madness era.

Album Cover Art

Maddie &Amp; Tae &Quot;Through The Madness, Vol. 2&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 18, 2024

The duo of Maddie and Tae, looking ravishing in their different gown outfits, can be seen effortlessly leaning into each other as they both strike a pose for the cam while colorful clouds decorating the blue skies play in the background. The energy that can be felt from just taking a look at this lovely album cover is love and support, which one can easily believe exists between the duo as they literally go Through The Madness.

Tracks and Features

The first song on the eight-track album is ‘Well In Your World,’ which has the duo reflecting fondly on a romance from their adolescence. Beginning with the quick-fire chorus that recalls “Friday nights at 17” and asking if their former lover ever made it to Colorado, it immediately exhibits many of their defining characteristics. These include the stunning blending of their vocals together. The song has a strong sentimental feel to it, and I appreciated how the bridge’s upbeat melody and abrasive guitars worked in harmony.

‘More Than Maybe’ has a quiet resistance to it and a potent message about understanding your value, while the melancholy ‘Drinking To Remember’ layers the duo’s beautiful voices over sparse beats and a bluesy guitar riff as they attempt to recall an old romance with the aid of drink. On this album, Maddie & Tae have a real presence, and you can really sense their development and evolution throughout the song.

The song that stands out is “Watching Love Leave,” in which the couple bids a lover farewell while also realizing that breakups don’t necessarily have to be dramatic. Every note is infused with emotion by Maddie & Tae, and the song’s profound sense of loss, which is countered by the soaring chorus, making it tough to contain your tears.

You also can’t help but adore “These Tears,” an acoustic song about finally letting go and letting all the pent-up emotions out. The song has a cathartic, luxurious sound, and the straightforward arrangement truly makes the two singers’ incredible vocals stand out. With a happy chorus and some good poppy bits scattered throughout that easily take you back to the early days of Taylor Swift, the twangy, upbeat love ballad, “Every Night Every Morning,” reflects on the comfort of a relationship where your spouse simply “gets” you.

The sensual, sensuous song “Girl After My Own Heart,” which features Maddie & Tae telling a different woman to leave their partner, stays on the humorous side while offering a fresh take on an old tale and a hint of female empowerment. The duo’s most recent single, “Spring Cleaning,” which feels significantly different from the preceding seven songs, serves as the album’s last track. Along with stomping rhythms, gritty guitars, and the occasional swear word, it’s jam-packed with sass and swagger as Maddie & Tae call an ex-boyfriend out. It had a great sense of humor about it, and was a really strong way to wrap up the project.





1 Well In Your World 3:33
2 Every Night Every Morning 3:18
3 Drinking To Remember 2:56
4 Girl After My Own Heart 3:01
5 Watching Love Leave 2:53
6 More Than Maybe 3:27
7 These Tears 3:40
8 Spring Cleaning 2:32

Album Theme

With a focus on their distinctive vocal harmonies and appreciation for strong lyrics, Through The Madness Vol. 2 depicts the journey Maddie & Tae have taken, both musically and personally.

Production Credits

Derek Wells & Jimmy Robbins produced the project.


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