Maggie Rogers “Surrender” Album Review


Maggie Rogers

    • Genre: Alternative
    • Date: 29 Jul, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 12
  • Capitol Records; ℗ 2022 Debay Sounds LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

What’s in a title? A lot, some would say. Not much, others would offer. Both have pints, of course. It depends on what angle one chooses to look. In the case of Maggie Rogers’s album “Surrender,” it’s easy to see there’s so much to that title.

From the inspiration behind the album to the time, it was composed, right down to the themes the singer elected to explore, there’s so much embedded that just cannot be missed. Either way, there’s a promise of a good time with the project.

In that sense, it’s easy to decide on the project. So join us as we unroll our thoughts on the “Surrender” album by Maggie Rogers.


For the artwork of her “Surrender” album, Maggie Rogers opted for nothing radical. A headshot was enough to convey the message she wanted. But then, in that headshot, is embedded an incisive gave. You find faith, resolution, grit, and so much more there.

In other words, you find a woman at home with herself and eager to share a part of herself with those who would listen. There’s nothing to quarrel with there, really.

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For her latest project, Maggie Rogers opted for something compact. Just 12 tracks, and she’s good at sharing her creative energy with the world.

The compilation begins with “Overdrive,” slowly incorporating tracks like “That’s Where I Am,” “Want Want,” “Anywhere With You,” “Horses,” “Be Cool,” “Shatter,” “Begging For Rain,” “I’ve Got A Friend,” “Honey,” “Symphony,” and finally ending with “Different Kind Of World.”

The tracks might be just 12, but the songstress made it a full course, with something for everyone.

1 Overdrive 3:14
2 That’s Where I Am 4:12
3 Want Want 3:08
4 Anywhere With You 4:57
5 Horses 5:05
6 Be Cool 2:57
7 Shatter 3:40
8 Begging For Rain 4:13
9 I’ve Got A Friend 3:12
10 Honey 3:42
11 Symphony 5:11
12 Different Kind Of World 2:45


For her “Surrender” project, Maggie Rogers decided to walk the solo path in the sense that she picked no guests to spit the bars along with her. She walked alone but did a splendid job nonetheless.

Of course, it wasn’t all a personal effort from start to finish. Del Water Gap, Gabe Goodman, and Kid Harpoon assisted her with the album productions. Kid Harpoon was on the acoustic guitar to give her songs a new level.

In all, the supposedly peripheral actors on the project contributed markedly to making it the alte charmer it is. Lovely.


“Surrender” album encapsulates several messages, from love to life to friendship and desire – you name it. These are subjects that are often plagued with sentiments in songs. Here, though, Maggie Rogers spared the listener the soppy bends that drain the life out of good music.

She explored her themes with patent grace, taking the listener along with her and creating a musical experience that’s memorable, relatable and worth re-experiencing. Not bad.

Key Songs

In almost every project, some songs stand out. Or better still, some pieces are more relatable than others. Of course, the idea of what stands out is subjective – not everyone would agree on it. But that’s by the way.

Left to us, we’d pick “Anywhere With You” as one of the critical numbers on the project. There’s so much emotional energy to that song that will keep the fires of a relationship burning.

We’re also enamoured of “I’ve Got A Friend” and “Symphony.” Both are pleasures to listen to, and their sonic charges are liberating and uplifting. To listen to them is to want to listen to them again.

Summing Up

“Surrender” is the second album released via a major label by Maggie Rogers. It’s also one of her most exemplary projects to date – a pleasure to the ears and food to the soul. The songstress beautifully explored several subjects, taking the listener with him into musical orbits that they wouldn’t want to leave in a hurry.


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