Maluma “The Love & Sex Tape” (Deluxe Edition) Album Review

The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)


    • Genre: Urbano latino
    • Date: 19 Aug, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 11
  • ℗ 2022 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC/Magnus Media

These days, it is almost traditional for some musicians to not just release a project but to follow it up with a deluxe edition. Colombian singer, songwriter and actor Maluma has admitted himself into that league with a new body of work dubbed “The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)” album.

Given such an intriguing title, it wouldn’t be surprising that people would want to check out the project on the strength of that alone. But, even on that count, they would still be on an interesting musical journey.

“The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)” album. A potent force burns through the title of this compilation. And the lyrics are just as fiery. So it is doubtful the listener would have a drab break with it. Still, we invite you to join us as we explore the orbit of this project. So hop along if you please.


Artworks aren’t just cover art. They are most often mirrors of the works they invariably advertise, as well as the artist’s mind at the time of composition. “The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)” album has a fiery-eyed hound, all clothed up, backpack on the back, staring straight ahead.

Not much is encapsulated in that image vis-à-vis the title of the album. Still, the listener gets the impression that Maluma is not only out with a fierce message but chose a fiery vehicle to pass the same. The message is delivered hot, and the listener has no option but to lap it all up.

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Maluma is a man entirely in charge. At least, that’s what the tracklist of his latest project suggests. The songster preferred to keep things compact, and he did a great job in that regard. He limited himself to eleven songs, which are stuff to vibe with.

The compilation starts on a sultry note with a number dubbed “Cositas de la USA,” followed by scorchers like “Sexo Sin Titulo,” “Nos Comemos Vivos,” “Tsunami,” “Mojando Asientos,” “La Vida Es Bella,” “Mal de Amores,” “Happy Birthday,” “Clito,” “28,” and finally ending with “Rulay.”

By the time the listener is done with them all, exactly 38 minutes or Urbano Latino time would have passed. But then it’s time well worth it.





1 Cositas de la USA Maluma 3:09
2 Sexo Sin Título (feat. Jay Wheeler & Lenny Tavárez) Maluma 3:07
3 Nos Comemos Vivos Maluma & Chencho Corleone 3:45
4 Tsunami (feat. Arcángel & De La Ghetto) Maluma 4:02
5 Mojando Asientos (feat. Feid) Maluma 4:12
6 La Vida es Bella Maluma 2:39
7 Mal de Amores Maluma 3:46
8 Happy Birthday Maluma 3:18
9 Clito (feat. Lenny Tavárez, Dalex & Brray) Maluma 3:25
10 28 Maluma 3:20
11 Rulay Maluma 2:56

Key Songs

Stand-out tunes in Maluma’s latest compilation include “Tsunami” (track no. 4) and “Happy Birthday” (track no. 8). Of the two songs mentioned, the second has no guests. However, the first has two guest artists.

As a song, “Tsunami” is not a tsunami as we know it. Still. You can count on this number to “trouble” the waters of your emotions and get you thinking one way or the other. So on that count alone, it deserves to be heard.

“Happy Birthday” is memorable not only for its affirmation of life but also because it latently embodies the beauty of friendship, love, and relationships. We count it among the resonant songs in that compilation, really.


Maluma limited himself to just a few guests in this album. It’s his album, and he wanted to make it about himself, so the guest list was limited to just Jay Wheeler, Lenny Tavarez, Alex y Brray, Feid, Arcangel, De La Ghetto, and Chencho Corleone.


“Love” is the predominant message here. Relationships are another. But it doesn’t end there. The songster actually embedded the human experience with his “The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)” album. In other words, the compilation opens itself to be appreciated by anyone.

Summing Up

Maluma’s “The Love & Sex Tape (Deluxe Edition)” album is as much a sneak peek into his life as it is into the experiences of others. This body of work is a winner on many levels and will not lack for fans.


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