Marshmello, Polo G, Southside “Grown Man” Song Review

"Grown Man" by Marshmello, Polo G, and Southside: A Hard-Hitting Banger on Financial Success and Street Life

Grown Man – Single

Marshmello, Polo G & Southside

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 31 Mar, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Joytime Collective under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

“Grown Man” is the latest single from Marshmello, Polo G, and Southside. This cross-genre song is a lyrical masterpiece that will leave listeners wanting more.

Polo G’s infectious introduction to “Grown Man” immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The rhythm produced by Southside is lively and energizing, giving the song momentum. The chorus is the highlight of the tune. Polo G delivers the lyrics “New drip, I just spent some Gs on my attire” with conviction, and the melody is memorable, making it simple for listeners to sing along. The chorus is accompanied by dynamic instrumentation and rhythmic drums, which maintain high intensity.

Polo G’s lyrical commentary on his financial prosperity and street life is well-written. He raps about purchasing Glocks with beams for his snipers and his expanding racks. Polo G’s flow is as smooth as ever, and the verse is full of confidence. The chorus is repeated throughout the song to create a cohesive structure, and the hook is catchy and simple to chant along to.

The lyrics are raw, sincere, and unfiltered, which lends authenticity to the composition. Many listeners, particularly those who have struggled with the harsh realities of street life, can relate to Polo G’s lyrics. The lyrics also demonstrate the significance of financial success in Polo G’s life, which reflects the larger societal pressures placed on young black males to be successful in a world that does not always provide them with equal opportunities.

The production quality of “Grown Man” is flawless. Southside and Marshmello have created an original sound that matches the lyrics precisely. The rhythm combines trap and electronic music, demonstrating Marshmello’s ability to combine genres.

The drums and bass are well-balanced, giving the composition a sense of energy that keeps the listener interested. A few electronic elements in Marshmello’s production lend a futuristic touch to the song. The instrumental interlude after the song is the production’s highlight.

“Grown Man” is a well-crafted composition that highlights the talents of Marshmello, Polo G, and Southside. This song’s production, lyrics, and vocals are precisely balanced, making it a standout track. The lyrics of Polo G are unvarnished and sincere, and his flow is impeccable.

Marshmello’s production is dynamic and energizing, and Southside’s contribution is undeniable. The chorus is an unforgettable part of the song that will have listeners chanting along. The song has a cohesive structure, and the production quality is superb.

“Grown Man” will undoubtedly receive much attention because of this release. The song’s financial success and street life themes will resonate with many listeners. The unique sound created by Marshmello, Polo G, and Southside will impress rap and electronic music fans. “Grown Man” is a remarkable song that showcases the talent of all the artists involved and should be added to the playlists of all music enthusiasts.

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