Mercy Chinwo – Elevated EP Review

Elevated – EP

Mercy Chinwo

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • ℗ 2023 GNT Nation , Under Exclusive License To MAD Solutions LLC

Gospel singer Mercy Chinwo is back with a new EP, “Elevated.” After leaving her previous record label, Eezee Concept, she released the six-track EP as her first work for her new label, GNT Nation. The artist’s portrayal of optimism, faith, and steadfast love for God is intensely expressed in the EP. The “Elevated” EP by Mercy is a body of work that appeals to a broad audience. Mercy Chinwo’s outstanding vocal range and composition abilities come from songs that uplift, inspire, and encourage listeners.

The perfect amount of emotions is infused throughout the project, which tells its own story. The “Elevated” EP is a direct reflection of her vocal influences and sound aesthetic, ranging from soulful and upbeat songs like “Confidence” and “Wonders” to more reflective and introspective songs like “Imela” and “Hollow.”

EP Cover Art

Mercy Chinwo - Elevated Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 12, 2024

On the brown-themed cover, Chinwo looks dapper in her brown long-sleeve blouse tucked into a matching brown pleated skirt, with a different shade of brown on her signature beret. Decking out the look, she dons a light purple jacket over the ensemble. But, of course, you aren’t fully dressed without a smile, and Mercy shows us why. She seems happy and excited to be Elevated, but who wouldn’t be?

Tracks and Features

The EP’s lead single, “Confidence,” begins the project. And Mercy declares her trust and confidence in God. She is convinced that one with God is majority, and because she has God, she has everything. It is also a song of inspiration for those who are slowly losing or have lost their faith in God because of a trying situation. The strength in Mercy’s voice and the support from her backup singers elevate the song’s energy. “Yesterday Today Forever” is a song of worship to Jesus, referred to as the “Living word of God.” Mercy and her backup singers sing about Christ’s unending glory and new mercies every morning. They praise Christ’s unchanging nature and reliability. Even when she is not hitting notes, Mercy’s vocals fill your ears with an unexplainable sweetness that draws you in every time.

In “Lifter,” she continues the worship, this time in the form of thanksgiving. She acknowledges and appreciates God’s blessings in her life. She says her life is a testimony of God’s grace, so she hails God for his help and favors. Chinwo’s vocal range and how she projects her emotions fused with the song’s message through her voice are exceptional. The touch of some local instrumentation also helped breathe life into the mix. She expresses assurance in God’s protection in “Hollow.” The flow and bounce of this track set it apart from others to an extent. This is almost like the female version of Kcee and Okwesili Eze’s “Cultural Praise.” However, Chinwo doesn’t stop at bragging about God’s security; she also uses the opportunity to encourage her listeners by telling them to “cry no more.” She states that joy has come, and God will always care for His own. You can hear the confidence in her voice.

Chinwe starts “Imela,” the penultimate track, with some slick pidgin, before bringing in some pieces of her local Igbo dialect. This is another song of worship in which she sings about taking pride in Jesus because all she has acquired came from Him, anyway. Her profound gratitude and appreciation are carried in her solid vocals and the gentle piano keys that bring the song to a close. Closing the EP, “Wonder” takes things to an upbeat dimension of praise. Chinwo thanks God for his wonders and power, especially in her life. She thanks God for turning her life around and giving her a brand-new song. The beat unexpectedly cuts off at the song’s end, giving the backup singers a moment to shine.




1 Confidence
2 Yesterday Today Forever
3 Lifter
4 Hollow
5 Imela
6 Wonder

EP Theme

A form of expression of Confidence and gratitude to God for His good works and faithfulness. It also doubles as a project of encouragement and inspiration for those slipping away from their faith.

Production Credits

Israel Dammy, Skerz, and a few other producers contributed to the production of the EP.


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