Nonso Amadi “When It Blooms” Album Review

When It Blooms

Nonso Amadi

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 26 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2023 Universal Music Canada Inc.

Nonso Amadi, an acclaimed Afro Soul/RnB singer, songwriter, and producer, has returned to the spotlight with his debut album, “When It Blooms.” This 15-track album is Amadi’s first extensive body of work, commemorating years of progress as both an artist and an individual. Guest appearances on the album include BEAM, Zinoleesky, Tay Iwar, Tamera, and a surprise cameo from his mother!

Album Cover Art

Nonso Amadi &Quot;When It Blooms&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Nonso is in a yellow and white attire, striking a pose in a simulated background consisting of a large field of colorful flowers in bloom and a lovely weather with pieces of valuables falling from the skies like manna.

Tracks and Features

“Here For It” kicks off the new project, and Nonso goes all in, telling us about his come-up and the struggles in the mix. He also has a word for his naysayers, saying he will be here to reap the fruits of his blood, sweat and tears. Nonso also introduces a sweet melody in the middle of the song and ends the tune with the soft words of a spoken word artist. This song technically sets the mood for the rest of the album experience. The next song, “NASA,” is Nonso’s appreciation for his roots in Ikeja, Lagos, and his life trajectory that is on the rise, which has him feeling high. However, toward the end of the song, he clarifies that “high” there was not connected to anything hazardous since he doesn’t smoke or drink.

Seamlessly, he builds a bridge that links NASA to the next track and previously released lead single, “Lock Up,” featuring Nigeria’s beloved Zinoleesky. Both artists turned the reply they would give to any angry guy that finds their girlfriends rolling with them. A sad case of big bank take lil bank. Zino, of course, came along with his good bad boy vibe and unique delivery style. Also, you can tell Nonso is a big fan of Rema. Great songwriting too. BEAM is tapped for the romantic “Kilimanjaro,” and both artists use their convincingly sweet lyrics to woo their love interests to rock with them, all the while promising them heaven on earth. Nonso and BEAM understand each other’s artistry and bounce off each other’s vibe, which is remarkable for a crossover collaboration.

Over a reggae-type beat Nonso sings about a twisted affair with an estranged lover of whom he seems to want more of, though they do not see “Eye To Eye.” Nonso did good, but the song could’ve used a harder melody. From seeking some good old toxic love, the singer takes us into another chapter and tells us a tale about his love for a “Foreigner” over a chill Afro-RnB beat. From the first segment of the album, “How Love Works (Interlude)” takes us into the concluding section, with soft piano keys and lovely vocals that includes a cameo from Tay Iwar.

Tay continues the groove on the emotional “Pieces.” It’s a sad groove because both men sing about heartbreak and having to move on from a dishonest partner. Tay sprinkles magic on the chorus with his sonorous vocals and gifted pen game, which to a large extent, boosted the vibe of the song. Nonso also delivers in his verses, and the beat is the perfect fit. In “Night In Maryland,” he sings about a night in Lagos and the tough shit he has seen before and since he started doing music. The beat and Nonso’s flow make this track a whole bop.

Tamera joins Nonso in “Shivers,” a song that expresses how their lovers make them feel. Toward the end, the beat makes a switch to an even slower pace, while both artists get inspirational. In the London-produced song, “Paper,” Nonso enters the Amapiano realm to declare his love for the bag. As always, brilliant production from London.

Majid Jordan teams up with Nonso for “Different,” a song that appreciates their long-lost lovers of whom they have been longing for. Bringing the album to an end, Nonso says he is so “Thankful.” And some affectionate words from his mom concludes the album.






1 Here For It Nonso Amadi 3:34
2 NASA Nonso Amadi 3:59
3 Lock Up Nonso Amadi & Zinoleesky 3:43
4 Kilimanjaro Nonso Amadi & Beam 3:11
5 Eye to Eye Nonso Amadi 2:36
6 Foreigner Nonso Amadi 3:54
7 How Love Works (Interlude) Nonso Amadi 1:00
8 Pieces Nonso Amadi & Tay Iwar 3:24
9 Night In Maryland Nonso Amadi 3:54
10 Shivers Nonso Amadi & Tamera 3:58
11 Paper Nonso Amadi 3:09
12 Different Nonso Amadi & Majid Jordan 2:26
13 Ease Up Nonso Amadi 3:35
14 Cali Was The Mission Nonso Amadi 2:44
15 Thankful Nonso Amadi 4:18

Album Theme

Nonso Amadi’s creative and personal development, as well as a reflection on his journey up to this point, are embodied in “When It Blooms.” The progression from seeds to a flower and its natural uncoiling best captures the message of the album.

Production Credits

Harper Gordon, Nonso Amadi & TJ Whitelaw worked on the album’s production.


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