Omarion “Full Circle: Sonic Book 1” Album Review

Full Circle : Sonic Book 1


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 05 May, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 11
  • ℗ 2023 Omarion Worldwide

“Full Circle: Sonic Book 1” by Omarion, which had been eagerly anticipated for a while, has now been made available. Sevyn Streeter and other prominent musicians make guest appearances on 11 soulful songs on the project. Omarion has successfully created an album that incorporates fresh and novel ideas while staying true to his own sound.

The album showcases Omarion’s artistic development throughout the years by taking listeners through his musical development. Omarion’s commitment to his art is evident in “Full Circle: Sonic Book 1″‘s outstanding vocals and well-produced instrumentals.

Album Cover Art

Omarion &Quot;Full Circle: Sonic Book 1&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

Channeling his inner Dr. Strange, Omarion is illustrated in a 3D painting on the album cover of his new project. Indicated by the infinity stones stuck in one of his locs and the glowing head and chest chakras, the man is in a state of equilibrium and entirely in his element.

Tracks and Features

Over the boom-bap beat on “Girls,” Omarion starts the party with all his “girls, girls, girls, girls.” He declares himself a polygamous man in the orgy-themed track. When Omarion wishes to get down with you, have your baddie friends tag along for an unforgettable swinger night. The man sounds too smooth for all that wildness, but the body wants what it wants. The song is almost bland, though.

The same theme continues in “Big Vibez” but with a different vibe. He sweetens his invitation to his lady in the song’s beautiful chorus, which becomes the savior of the track. Also, the producer did a fantastic job with the groovy, harmonious R&B sound.

Omarion becomes a changed man in “Serious” after meeting a lady that thoroughly tweaked his perspective on love. He sings about having resigned his fate to ending up alone before she showed up and checked all his boxes. Furthermore, he forbids their connection to end up as a night ordeal. Rubbing in the vibe, the retro 80s-type beat was perfectly cooked, finishing with the soft keys of the piano.

His last words on the previous song become an extension into the next song, “Company.” The song is one of the best on this record. Omarion appreciates his girl’s company and says she joins his brain as one of the things stuck in his head. He counts himself lucky and loves how she doesn’t give him problems.

Omarion links with Nah Nah on the twerk-worthy “Candy.” Sadly, the song doesn’t appeal much because there is nothing particularly catchy about it but the beat and voice of the featured artist. Riley, the second guest act on the album, appears on “Waiting.” This is what you play as you warm up to meet up with your lover or partner for an intimate time in a long time, especially when passions are on a high. Both artists convey the anticipated feels and vibe with their voice and delivery. This is a beautiful duet. Riley was the perfect feature for this song.

“Bass” is an ode to females with chunky junk in the trunk. He sings about his attraction to the attractive waistlines of women with bright futures behind them. And, of course, he declares his desire to cop a feel and get a taste—the beat and its production help the not-so-tasty flavor of the track. Omarion returns to his sweet R&B baby boy vibe in “BS” with Rileyy Lanez as the featured vocalist, who brought so much light to the slow romantic song. Omarion knows better than to keep pestering a girl he has been giving a steady stream of BS, but he still wants the benefits of rolling with her. Rileyy’s ad-libs belong with the angelic symphony in heaven, to be honest.

Seasoned R&B vocalist Sevyn Streeter joins Omarion on the album closer, “Love Me Right.” So naturally, both artists want what they give in their romantic connections, which is not too much to ask.


1 Girls Omarion 3:21
2 Big Vibez Omarion 2:46
3 Serious Omarion 2:53
4 Company Omarion 2:34
5 Candy Omarion & Nah Nah MC 2:13
6 Waiting Omarion & RILEY 3:51
7 Bass Omarion 3:29
8 Bs Omarion & Rileyy Lanez 3:25
9 Alkaline Drip Omarion 3:25
10 Sunny Dayz Omarion & BJRNCK 2:27
11 Love Me Right Omarion & Sevyn Streeter 2:12

Album Theme

The expressions of a man in love also cannot get enough of its making.

Production Credits

Greg Curtis singlehandedly produced the album.


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