Paramore “This Is Why” Album Review

This Is Why


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 10 Feb, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2022 Atlantic Recording Group LLC

“This Is Why,” Paramore’s long-awaited sixth album, may be evidence that absence does, in fact, make the heart grow fonder. Following the release of 2017’s “After Laughter,” the band went on an indefinite sabbatical. During the hiatus, Hayley Williams released two solo albums while also dealing with mental health issues and sadness as a result of the epidemic. This Is Why is a triumphant war cry that is the trio’s most mature and confident work in nearly two decades.

Returning to the last album “After Laughter,” the singer focused on depressive disorders and feeling alone in a world that is too big. Williams still deals with those difficulties in This Is Why, but this time, she writes about them more confidently, giving the music a fresh vibe. In addition, the album offers evidence that Paramore has a lot more to say and shows the development of three artists at the top of their game.

Album Cover Art

Paramore &Quot;This Is Why&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

Paramore finds innovativeness in childishness as they humorously press the sides of their faces against a transparent glass. The beauty in this concept is to become like a child again, free from everything society has fed us from when we came of age and being ourselves down to our cores—becoming comfortable with expressing ourselves, imperfect yet happy.

Tracks and Features

Until Farro’s light rhythm enters the mix, “Running Out of Time” begins with a muted bass and guitar pattern. Then, the upbeat song explodes into a huge alt-pop chorus that is more in line with some of the “After Laughter” content. York’s approach to playing the guitar is likewise novel. Not even the most intense tracks are overrun with riffs and distortion. Without relying on power chords, York discovers new ways to use his instrument to convey the emotion.

One of the many unique parts of “This Is Why” is the spoken-word lyrics by Hayley Williams on the snappy “C’est Comme Ca,” which are deliciously weird. Certain songs, or even sections of songs, take a few listens to understand fully but don’t necessarily hit home right away. This album’s inherent risk-taking qualities define it. A mid-tempo piece with a lot of grooves that showcases another aspect of Williams’ voice is called “Big Man Little Dignity.” The singer demonstrates various dynamic expressions by choosing to enunciate the chorus with clarity and power. The song is more of a throwback ’80s pop energy and contains no references to Paramore’s past.

One of the album’s best songs is the ferocious “You First,” a dark and brooding romp with some of Williams’ most incisive lyrics. The song’s energy is somewhat reminiscent of some of the band’s earlier work, though not exactly. “Figure 8,” a logical companion piece to the preceding song, maintains the mood. York plays a crisp, shimmering guitar riff as the excitement builds during the chorus. The tempo on “Liar” calms down for the first time as a few lone guitar notes introduce a tranquil vocal. Williams’ role is reversed; his lyrics are more contrite and reflective.

Williams reflects on the past in the happier and uplifting song “Crave.” The bridge’s rich harmonies are very powerful. The quiet “Thick Skull” develops a melancholy and bluesy mood; the piano-driven track grows from a few sparse notes to a vast atmosphere. The music changes from being light to being heavy, and it ends on a dramatic note.





1 This Is Why 3:26
2 The News 3:07
3 Running Out Of Time 3:12
4 C’est Comme Ça 2:29
5 Big Man, Little Dignity 4:20
6 You First 4:05
7 Figure 8 3:24
8 Liar 4:21
9 Crave 3:55
10 Thick Skull 3:52

Album Theme

This record from a group that can gracefully accommodate their wrinkles is full of surprises, growth, and maturity. However, Paramore continues to dispel all traces of “scene” labels with “This Is Why,” cementing their position as one of the most eminent pop-rock artists on this broken planet.

Production Credits

Carlos de la Garza produced the project.


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