Peterson Okopi “Victory Dance” Album Review

Victory Dance

Peterson Okopi

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Date: 28 Apr 2023
  • Content: Clean
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 19
  • ℗ 2023 TWC Records

Peterson Okopi &Quot;Victory Dance&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 1, 2024


Peterson Okopi, a multi-award-winning gospel music minister, worshipper, and recording artist, has just released a new album called “Victory Dance.” Peterson Okopi’s second album, “Victory Dance,” was live-recorded at two different worship gatherings in Lagos, Nigeria.

Songs like “Talo Nsoro,” “Iba,” Not A Scam, Burn, and others were recorded in Opium Studio in Lagos, Nigeria, for the first Live recording in February 2021. In addition, songs like “We Hail,” “Ready for Jesus,” and “Victory Dance,” which also serves as the album’s title, were recorded during the second session at “The Peterson Experience” in Lagos.

The 19-track album “Victory Dance” is jam-packed with sounds that carry God’s holy presence and will bring healing and life to every aspect of our lives. According to the music minister, the record represents his journey from defeat to victory. Okopi spent time explaining how the album was a collection of his personal life events, his reactions to those situations, and the triumph he experienced at the conclusion.

Album Art

Peterson Okopi &Quot;Victory Dance&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 1, 2024

The Album art has Okopi dressed in regalia that is reminiscent of the medieval bible times as he is strapped and dressed for battle, only this time, he is smiling and doesn’t look like a pensive concerned soldier going to war; instead, he seems like one who has already won a battle as he holds his CLIMA award high and that elated look says it all.

Tracks And Features

The worship song “We Hail,” a declaration of adoration for the Lion and the Lamb, introduces the 19-track listening journey. The vocalist and his harmonies backup singers lead the listener to the throne of worship of the all-powerful being.

The next track, “We Lay Our Crown,” follows in the progression of the opening track as Peterson urges the audience to “lay down” their worship to God, as they honor his name with the act and give him glory in the process. As usual, the backup singers do a fantastic job, and this track already sets the mood for the outpouring of worship.

“El Elyon” is next and begins with the audience in deep worship as the bursting of tongues can be heard. This track takes a leaf from the track before it, as it seeks to accord praises to God and references one of God’s names. The vocalist is engulfed in worship, and the backup’s delivery of this simple song is incredible. “Burn” has lyrics that hint at being preoccupied with the activities of faith and shining the light of Christianity by burning for God. It speaks of desire and passion for the things of God.

“Idi Ebube” calls God a “Burden bearer” and a “Lifter of men.” Nevertheless, it speaks of the reliability of God to be trusted as his strength remains evident, and he is indeed mighty to save.

The Veteran Singer Chioma Jesus is on “Nara Ekele,” a remix of his Osuba single. The praise jam is one of the most pleasant on the album and has the vocalists singing in the traditional Igbo dialect. The track speaks gratitude and seeks to return all the glory and praise to God for doing what only he can do. On this track, the backup is as brilliant as ever and deserves all the credit they can get for their efforts on this track.

“Carry Your Name” speaks of the omnipotence of the name of Jesus as the vocalist implies that the great name is weapon enough for victory in any battle and is guaranteed to be a winner.

The closing track of this beautiful worshipping journey is “Jesus Is Making A Name,” and it tries to make the audience understand that despite the issues that may surround and challenges that may arise, Jesus is at the center of it; he is not “dead” and will make a name for himself from that trial and tribulations. The vocalist emphasizes that he is sure and knows that God will never leave/forsake his children and will always step into the situation at the right time, regardless of the delay.

Tracklist / Songs




1 WE HAIL 8:53
3 EL ELYON 7:11
4 BURN 6:03
5 IDI EBUBE 5:35
6 NARA EKELE (feat. Chioma Jesus) [Osuba Remix] 5:07
8 MY SCARS (feat. Minister Afam) 6:08
10 HALLE 4:36
13 NOT A SCAM (Studio Version) 7:21
14 TALO N’SORO 5:48
15 IBA 5:09
17 NOT A SCAM (Live) 6:50

Album Summary

Peterson Okopi has given the human race and the body of Christ this album called “Victory Dance.” Every song on the album tells a tale, offers a response, or marks a triumph. In this album, everyone can find a place for themselves. With the help of this album, one will embark on a pilgrimage, have an experience, and ultimately enter into close communion with the Father.

Peterson Okopi does not doubt that this project will strike a chord with the millions of his listeners who have had a certain kind of personal experience in their walk with God and those still trying to figure out their path in life. He feels that God guided him along this path so that he may serve as a beacon of hope for others who are coping with their scars or seeking the proper response to launch their victory.


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