Prettymuch “This Thing Called Love” Album Review

This Thing Called Love


  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 26 May, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15

Prettymuch &Quot;This Thing Called Love&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

Have you heard of PrettyMuch?

They’re a talented pop and R&B boy band from America and Canada based in Los Angeles, California. Simon Cowell put the band together back in 2016, and it now consists of four members: Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, and Zion Kuwonu. Although they’ve released five EPs, they have not dropped a full-length album since their debut.

Before becoming a group, the members of PrettyMuch were focused on solo careers. However, they were brought together by Syco Music founder Simon Cowell and former label president Sonny Takhar. Since 2016, they have resided in Los Angeles and lived together in a shared home. During this time, they have honed their dancing skills and recorded their debut EP. Despite Nick Mara’s departure from the band, the remaining members have maintained a strong bond, resulting in their impressive musical project.

Album Art

Prettymuch &Quot;This Thing Called Love&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

The album artwork prominently features the group in a striking silhouette as they set out to uncover the elusive mystery of “This Thing Called Love.” The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of classic detective stories, with various clues, pins, and stick-ups adorning the board in the background. This attention to detail creates a sense of intrigue and adventure, inviting the listeners to join the group on their journey of discovery.

Tracks And Features

The album’s first track, “Wrong,” showcases the quartet’s ability to deliver smooth and captivating vocals with a pop-like touch. The lyrics revolve around unreciprocated love and the desire for attention in a relationship. The vocalists express their feelings to their love interest, stating their interest in the relationship but needing time to evaluate their emotions and the depth of their desire.

The next song, “Same Place,” is an anthem of unity, with the vocalist reflecting on the past beauty of a once-great relationship that has now turned sour. Again, the vocal performance is exceptional, showcasing the group’s remarkable cohesion and making the overall arrangement noteworthy.

The album’s third track, “LMK (Let Me Know),” delves into the importance of communication in relationships and the consequences of its absence. The singer expresses their love for their significant other but acknowledges the strain caused by a lack of understanding. They are tired of constantly pleading for the relationship to work and urge their partner to decide to stay or leave, hence the plea “let me know.”

In “Wake Up Call,” the portrayal of a love life is that of uncertainty and a sense of lacking something, resulting in settling for momentary pleasures and ideal romantic experiences. The characters prepare themselves for the possibility of a downturn in the relationship.

The song “Alone” was created by Zion Kuwonu, Edwin Honoret, and Brandon Arreaga, who also served as the producers. The group regards it as a significant piece and the first album they created entirely. They are thrilled to share it with their fans, as it is realizing their dream. The song delves into relationships, emotions, and the importance of receiving and giving love. They express their desire to avoid being alone and experiencing the pain of loneliness once again.

The song’s lyrics delve into the complexities of love, highlighting the confusion and uncertainty that often accompany falling in and out of love. The chorus emphasizes the feeling of loneliness and emptiness the group experiences by repeating the word “alone.” The band’s vocal harmonies, smooth delivery, and experimentation with various sounds and genres are showcased in the song. During an interview with Zach Sang, they revealed that the album reflected their musical tastes and influences, created for themselves and their fans.

“Try Again” is the tenth track featured on the album, which was first hinted at by the group during their Twitch live streams in March 2022, creating excitement among their followers. This soulful R&B song perfectly highlights PRETTYMUCH’s impressive vocal range and harmonies, conveying the desire to reignite a past relationship after a breakup. The chorus sincerely asks, “Can we give it another chance?”

One of the standout tracks on this album is “Know You Will.” It has a similar vibe to Justin Bieber with a Don Toliver-esque twist. The song centers around love, like many others on the album. The quartet attempts to turn a flicker of attraction into a blazing fire by offering options to their love interest. They allow them to take a chance on love, even though they believe a positive response would be the best outcome.

The song “Better than the First Time” is a collaboration with Reo Cragun and delves into love and relationships. It’s common for couples to try to enhance their relationships by recognizing any progress made, even if it’s not entirely accurate. They may also reaffirm their commitment to each other during tough times when love may not feel as strong.

One of the album’s most popular tracks must be “Excited,” and it’s easy to see why. The song encourages living in the moment and enjoying life with a significant other. Using metaphors and references, the group expresses their enthusiasm by mentioning traveling to Barbados, being like Jeff Bezos, sporting shades like Kurt Cobain, and playing croquet. The song showcases diverse musical influences, including hip-hop, rock, and Latin music. Arreaga directed the accompanying music video, which premiered on YouTube on March 31, 2023. The video features the group having a blast with some girls in a luxurious mansion, playing games, dancing, drinking, and partying. As of May 2, 2023, the video has over 101K views.

Track number fourteen on the album is called “MARIA.” The song was produced by Cut&Dry, a production duo based in Los Angeles. It tells the story of a girl named Maria, whom the group met in Miami and fell in love with. They express their longing to see her again and how she occupies their thoughts. The song has a Latin-inspired feel, incorporating Spanish phrases like “es la mía” (she’s mine) and “mama mia” (oh my).

The final track of the listening journey, “H2L (How To Love),” highlights the impact of a love interest on the vocalists’ ability to adapt and grow in love. This pop song is calming and emotional, evoking strong feelings in listeners and inspiring lovebirds to express their love. Its melodies strike the perfect chords and ignite sparks of passion.





1 Wrong? 3:00
2 Same Place 3:45
3 Lmk 2:51
4 Blu-Ray 2:12
5 How It Is 2:02
6 Wake Up Call 2:20
7 Interlude 1:29
8 Nervous 2:03
9 Alone 2:34
10 Try Again 2:46
11 Know You Will 3:01
12 Better Than the First Time (feat. Reo Cragun) 3:41
13 Excited 2:21
14 Maria 3:29
15 H2l 3:04

Album Summary

PRETTYMUCH’s first album, “This Thing Called Love,” encompasses 15 tracks that primarily center on the theme of love. The band has ventured into innovative sounds and styles throughout the album while delivering poignant messages, resulting in a distinctive and emotionally evocative vibe. “THIS THING CALLED LOVE” showcases PRETTYMUCH’s commitment to stretching its artistic boundaries through the infusion of R&B and melodic rap elements, producing a truly unique and captivating listening experience.


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