Rebecca Black “Let Her Burn” Album Review

Let Her Burn

Rebecca Black

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 09 Feb, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black, an all-around kickass performer, will drop jaws with her new album “Let Her Burn.” Of course, you’ve known her for more than ten years. But until now, we didn’t know who she was or what she was capable of. This album contains a staggering degree of emotion and openness, allowing us to access her thoughts and feelings.

Black is shown in a new light in “Let Her Burn.” Although she has long displayed her skills, this album is unpolished and compelling. She arranges everything over a beat and sound that makes you want to dance, and her voice is unmistakable. Her lyrics are direct and honest, accompanied by an electronic beat that makes it enjoyable to listen to and easier to understand the challenging lyrics.

Album Cover Art

Rebecca Black &Quot;Let Her Burn&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 19, 2024

On the cover of her new album, Rebecca is relaxed in her lacy transparent gown and resting on something that looks like a couch right in the thick of colossal chaos. The scene where she is comfortably chilling should get anyone all panicky and into SOS mode, but no, that’s not Black. With all that fire blazing wildly around her and even crawling closer to her, she seems unbothered, like she is immune to skin burns or death itself. This is a perfectly chosen album cover for a project packed with raw emotions and shameless vulnerability.

Tracks and Features

The opening track, “Erase You,” establishes the mood with its ethereal, electric sound. She leads you into a painful situation that is difficult to escape. You are immediately drawn in by the song’s straightforward but profoundly nostalgic lyrics. You won’t be able to escape the lost love that will engulf you. From there, the emotions get stronger.

The loudness intensifies in the next track, raising your heart rate with the thumping sound. Every beat of “Destroy Me” will make you want to get up from the chair and dance. Black vocals on this song reflect the vigor of her lyrics that leave you asking, “Why in the heck do we do it to ourselves?” Somehow we’ve all fallen ‘victim’ to it. Most of us have let someone occupy us to the point where we’ve lost who we are.

Black sings in “Crumbs” about a heartbreak that is not typical. It’s the type of emotional pain that some people absurdly enjoy experiencing, the kind of love you’ll let bruise you because you’ve convinced yourself that person is perfect and can do no wrong in your eyes. The addiction to another person oozes out of your headphones. You’ll get just as hooked on listening to this song again.

As with the rest of the album, “Performer,” the album’s final tune, is relatable yet ironic simultaneously. It involves putting on a ‘mask’ in front of a loved one to keep the flow. The last song helps you realize that you just went on a journey of personal development and reflection with Black. “Performer” feels intimate and liberating. Here, she slows down her tone and gives it a sorrowful sweetness while yet keeping a steady beat; this is a balance she achieves admirably.

Through the high-octane sounds of betrayal, frustration, and unrequited love, Black wrestles with the concept of losing love. It’s chaotic in the beginning, but by the end, she uses dreamy Pop tunes to prove that you can get past pain.





1 Erase You 3:17
2 Destroy Me 3:02
3 Misery Loves Company 2:49
4 Crumbs 3:13
5 Doe Eyed 2:35
6 Sick To My Stomach 4:14
7 What Am I Gonna Do With You 2:38
8 Cry Hard Enough 2:49
9 Look At You 2:44
10 Performer 3:14

Album Theme

Black’s new album brings her listeners together while eliciting empathy for her suffering by lyrically expressing love and sadness. The 10-track album guides you on a journey of expressiveness and pain that many musicians find challenging to convey in songs.

Production Credits

Boonn, Ceci G, Gian Stone, JJ House, Lionel Crasta, Matias Mora, Micah Jasper, Oscar Scheller & STINT produced the album.


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