Redveil & JPEGMAFIA “Black Enuff” Song Review

Redveil and JPEGMAFIA Unleash Fiery Collaboration in 'Black Enuff'

Redveil and JPEGMAFIA have collaborated on a new track called “black enuff,” which is a fiery, furious track. The song features on redveil’s upcoming EP playing w/fire, which will be released on April 19. Redveil’s new EP playing with fire continues his transition to a more energetic sound, as evidenced by his recent songs “2daside” and “giftbag.”

Redveil produced the single “black enuff,” Both artists speak about being real over a busy, blaring redveil beat. Manny Madrigal directed the video, which shows both artists destroying a drum kit and beating up a policeman who they have imprisoned in a warehouse.

“Black enuff” has hard-hitting and conscious words. Both redveil and JPEGMAFIA address the problem of being “black enough” and the difficulties of being true to oneself. Redveil’s verse discusses how he wears his scars and is not ashamed of them and how he will not compromise his music for riches.

JPEGMAFIA’s verse also addresses the pressure to be “black enough,” as well as his refusal to put on a performance for anyone. He discusses his own challenges and how people still tell him he isn’t “black enough.”

Redveil’s rhythm is erratic and neck-snapping, with the drums, whether acoustic or electronic, taking a bully’s attitude over the instrumental. The noodling on the guitar is also loud and causes deep fingernail scratches on your brain. On the other hand, the melodies on the hook emerge from the fracas like a peace offering, making the song an entreaty for unification and a declaration of defiance.

“black enuff” is an excellent collaboration between Redveil and JPEGMAFIA, with both artists contributing great energy and anger to the track. The song is a call to unity and to be true to oneself, and the beat and melodies on the hook flawlessly convey this mood.

Redveil’s EP playing with fire will be released on April 19, and “black enuff” is a fantastic lead song that sets the tone for the EP. The tune reflects Redveil’s shift toward a more energetic sound, and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with in the future.

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