Rema – Rave & Roses Ultra Album Review

Rave & Roses (Ultra)


  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 28 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 22
  • ℗ 2023 Mavin Global Holdings Ltd/Jonzing World Entertainment

Rave & Roses Ultra (Deluxe)

Rema, a leading figure in Nigerian Afrobeats, has made his debut album, Rave & Roses, available in deluxe format. Six new tracks, including the Selena Gomez-featuring remix of the original tune “Calm Down,” are included in the 22-track update, “Rave & Roses Ultra.” Under the Mavin Global/Jonzing World labels, Rave & Roses was first released in March 2022.

Rema has now achieved international recognition due to the wild success of the album, which also got him invited to perform on important stages and appear on global charts. “Rave & Roses Ultra” expands on the central idea of its predecessor, which was an investigation of Rema’s conflicted personality of adolescent recklessness and sensitivity.

Album Cover Art

Rema - Rave &Amp; Roses Ultra Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 18, 2024

Remmy Boy’s creative juices flow into and through every artistic thing he lays his hands on. So you will notice a few exciting tweaks in this new deluxe album cover if you’re observant enough. In the original version, the burning stick figure man was on his way to a smiling feminine-esque sun with a rose, but levels have changed for the stick figure man as represented in the new cover. He now rides a chariot of fire! One that is upside-down, for that matter! Sick.

His contact with the feminine sun, which turned into interlocking spheres after giving away her ‘magic,’ seemed to not only transform him, but it also did the same for his surroundings and the weather! His house now glows brighter with colorful shrooms and flowers growing in places formerly desolate. Finally, Rema tells us he has garnered all the momentum he needs to take over the world.

Tracks and Features

“Holiday” was rightfully released as one of the first singles leading to the deluxe edition’s release. The song’s positive vibe welcomes us to Rema’s new energy. Gratitude is one thing he is full of in this song. He rehashes some takes in abridged versions as he reflects on his journey and how life has smiled on him. He only wishes everyone, especially his haters, to recognize his shining star and join the program. Stellar production from Blaise Beatz, of course.

“Charm” charms its way in ever-so-charmingly. London makes a creative play on a blend of the Soundgasm, Calm Down sounds, and another secret ingredient, juju, unarguably, because how do you explain this addictive sweetness? So it’s a no-brainer that when the Rave Lorde and London enter the studio, it becomes a murder scene. In this song, Remmy Boy is on a mission solely intending to charm the pants off his love interest. Literally.

“Omo, are you taken, or are you available?” Rema asks his love interest in the emotional “Reason You.” Rema is not afraid to go for what he wants. So, he approaches his love interest and lays his cards on the table, and just in case she has her doubts, he is armed with the reasons that led him to her in the first place. She entrances him and because he wants to make her his so severely, he does not hold back and isn’t shy to get vulnerable. The spectacular production had its nectar separate from Rema’s voice and delivery.

Trap Rema emerges from hiding in “Dunno Me (Freestyle).” This here is a what-a-time-to-be-alive moment. Rema sounds more unhinged, accessible, and expressive when he dips into his Trap persona. He wants his name out of people’s mouths so bad he made a song for it. This one for those who live to make other people’s businesses theirs is for you. Rema says if you don’t know him personally, he’d appreciate it if his name didn’t come up in your conversations. He also took the opportunity to laugh at those that labeled him and tried to box him into a mold.

In his not-so-subtle way, he brags about his skills and wealth in “HOV.” Rema always chooses a very rich production, and the quality of the engineering expertise that went into this song is stunning. He sings against laziness and reminds those that did him dirt to brace for Karma’s impact. As a real one, he sent love to all the real ones. He also took pride in his journey and how far he come. The remix to the monster hit “Calm Down” with Selena Gomez closes the deluxe album with all the right party vibes.


1 Divine Rema
2 Hold Me Rema & 6LACK
3 Dirty Rema
4 Calm Down Rema
5 Soundgasm Rema
6 Wine Rema & Yseult
7 Holiday Rema
8 Jo Rema
9 Time N Affection Rema & Chris Brown
10 Charm Rema
11 Are You There? Rema
12 Reason You Rema
13 Love Rema
14 Addicted Rema
15 Dunno Me (Freestyle) Rema
16 Fyn Rema & AJ Tracey
17 Oroma Baby Rema
18 Carry Rema
19 Mara Rema
20 Runaway Rema
21 Hov Rema
22 Calm Down Rema & Selena Gomez

Album Theme

The album finds Rema spilling his emotions and being proud of himself for his growth and blessings. He also includes a good amount of youthful frisky fun.

Production Credits

Producers involved in the original and deluxe editions of the project include 1Mind, 80root, Alex Lustig, Altims, Andrevibez, Blaise Beats, Dez Wright, Eddie Priest, Higo, Jaegen, KDaGreat, Kel P, Kill September, LNKmusic, London, Rodlof & Sarz.


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