Review: Defying Expectations: A Review of JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s ‘SCARING THE HOES’

JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s latest collaboration is a hard-hitting, experimental single titled “SCARING THE HOES,” which serves as the title track for their upcoming album, which was released on March 21, 2023. The song is a candid, unashamed criticism of the demands of making popular and commercially appealing music.Review: Defying Expectations: A Review Of Jpegmafia And Danny Brown'S 'Scaring The Hoes', Yours Truly, Reviews, June 14, 2024

JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown have a history of pushing the envelope in rap music, and “SCARING THE HOES” is no exception. JPEGMAFIA produced the tune, which features a complex and chaotic rhythm incorporating rock, jazz, and industrial hip-hop elements. The music, which features handclaps, saxophones, booming rock drums, and maybe guitar power chords, acts as a wonderful backdrop for the two performers’ forceful and cutting voices.

The song’s lyrics include JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown rapping from the perspective of critics who say their experimental style is a waste of time. “Stop scarin’ the hoes,” the chorus says again. “Play that shit that’ll have them touching their toes,” emphasizing the need to make music that caters to the public rather than remaining loyal to their creative vision. The phrases “Play somethin’ for the bitches” in the post-chorus reinforce this idea even further. How are we supposed to earn money off of this nonsense? Do you want to be an MC? What do you suppose, it’s 1993?”

The glitchy, Logan Fields-directed visual compliments the chaotic character of the music, providing another dimension to JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s aesthetic message. The video depicts the loudness and disarray that results from pushing limits and refusing to comply with cultural norms.

“SCARING THE HOES” is a daring and relentless track highlighting JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s distinct skills. Despite efforts to make music that fits neatly inside current trends, the song is a tribute to their reluctance to sacrifice their artistic identity. It is a strong reminder to other artists and fans alike that great talent is found in taking chances and being honest, even in the face of criticism and uncertainty.

JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown’s collaboration is a match made in experimental hip-hop heaven, and “SCARING THE HOES” is a good illustration of the beauty that can happen when two boundary-pushing musicians collaborate. With the album out already, listeners can expect more genre-defying, thought-provoking compositions that question the current quo and remind us of music’s boundless potential.

Finally, “SCARING THE HOES” is a bold and adventurous tune that strongly expresses creative integrity and loyalty to one’s vision. JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown have once again demonstrated their ability to push boundaries and create a distinct sound that defies description. This collaboration is a must-hear for fans of experimental hip-hop and anybody wishing to hear music that defies convention and takes risks in the quest of artistic expression.

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