Saba “Few Good Things” Album Review

Read our extensive review of Saba's latest studio album "Few Good Things".

Few Good Things


  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Release Date: 2022-02-04
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: International
  • Track Count: 14
  • ℗ 2022 Pivot Gang, LLC

4 years after releasing his previous album “CARE FOR ME”, rapper Saba is back with a new one titled “Few Good Things”. The new album seems to be a step up from the darkness and gloom that was the previous one. The project was influenced by the heartache that surrounded his cousin’s fatal stabbing a year before it was released.

There seems to be a mood difference with the new album, probably because of new things life has brought his way. This time, he blends several genres to make the album into an entirely different sound from the previous one. The new album details life’s experiences but not how “CARE FOR ME” was centred on grief, pain, and heartache. There’s also noticeable growth in his delivery on the new album. He sounds more mature and versatile than before.

Cover Art

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Few Good Things Artwork

On January 24, 2022, Saba unveiled the official cover art for the album. In addition, he shared in the post captions that so much love went into making the album and revealed its release date.

The album artwork looks simple yet complex to decipher. It is the photo of an older man who stares fixated into the camera. He leans on a house fence and is surrounded by beautiful flowers. It is unclear if the look on his face depicts anger or pain. However, it seems like his emotions are somewhere in between.

Before the album dropped, the art seemed to hint at the same emotions that influenced his 2022 album “Care For Me”. But listening to the entire project, there is no doubt that it has nothing to do with it. However, Saba still seems haunted by the things in his life right now and not grief. So we are guessing that’s also the idea of the artwork’s haunting stare.


12 tracks out of the 14 in the “Few Good Things” album feature guest contributors. The first track on the project is a collaboration that gives a hint of what to expect from the entire project.

All the featured artists on the project include Cheflee on “Free Samples”, G Herbo on “Survivor’s Guilt”, Erin Allen Kane on “an Interlude called ‘Circus'”, Daoud on “Fearmonger”, Krayzie Bone on “Come My Way”, 6LACK & Smino on “Still”, Mereba on “A Simpler Time”, Pivot Gang on “Soldier”, Benjamin Earl Turner on “If I Had A Dollar”, Fousheé on “Make Believe”, Day Wave on “2012”, and Black Thought & Erin Allen Kane on the album’s title track “Few Good Things”. All the artists do great jobs on the songs they contribute to it.

Production & Delivery

Although he did not focus on the things that influenced his previous album, Saba maintained his process of working on his albums with longtime partners and producers, Daoud (who also features on the project) and daedaePIVOT. On “Few Good Things”, they opt out of using any samples and majorly produce original instrumentals for the entire album. They make use of the instruments they’ve always used, including guitars, keyboards, drum programming, and bass.

Everything in the album’s production is made from scratch. It also sounds like work tools and several kitchen utensils were used in the album’s production.

Saba’s rap and vocal delivery are also very impressive. He seems to have opted for a more toned-down sound on this project. His tone is softer and more melodic. However, he does not maintain it throughout the project, especially in “Survivor’s Guilt”, where he almost raps like Kendrick Lamar.

Fans had expected to see the album’s full tracklist before it was released, but that was not the case. “Few Good Things” houses 14 tracks (including features). Each track on the album tells a different story about his current life and where his head is at. For example, “2012” notes his past self, and ‘Mecca’ talks about his upbringing. The tracks all rely on his honesty from the start till finish.

Some of the popular tracks on the album include “Survival Guilt”, featuring G Herbo and “Few Good Things”, featuring Black Thought & Erin Allen Kane. “Come My Way” featuring Krayzie Bone also had the fans talking, as well as “Still” with 6LACK and Smino.


Track NO

Track Title

Play Time

1 Free Samples (feat. Cheflee) 2:07
2 One Way or Every Nigga With a Budget 2:45
3 Survivor’s Guilt (feat. G Herbo) 3:42
4 an Interlude Called “Circus” (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) 1:02
5 Fearmonger (feat. Daoud) 3:41
6 Come My Way (feat. Krayzie Bone) 3:10
7 Still (feat. Smino & 6LACK) 3:45
8 a Simpler Time (feat. Mereba) 3:33
9 Soldier (feat. Pivot Gang) 3:05
10 If I Had A Dollar (feat. Benjamin Earl Turner) 3:13
11 Stop That 2:18
12 Make Believe (feat. Fousheé) 3:41
13 2012 (feat. Day Wave) 4:20
14 Few Good Things (feat. Black Thought & Eryn Allen Kane) 7:08


“Few Good Things” is laid on the foundation of Saba’s life. It is framed by his honesty and proves his versatility as an artist. His growth is undeniable, and the album shows it. From the start till finish, Saba takes you on highs and lows and reminds you just how much his life inspires great music.


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