Samsong “Master of the World” Album Review

Master of the World


  • Genre: Christian
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 7
  • ℗ 2023 Boogie Down Records

Samsong &Quot;Master Of The World&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 22, 2024

Nigerian gospel performer Samsong is based in Abuja. His recording career has been a success, with radio successes like Bianule and numerous honors, including The Psalmist Award in 2000. In addition, the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) nominated him for “Best Gospel Artist” in New York that year. Along with well-known mainstream performers like Donell Jones, Kenny Latimore, 112, 2Baba, D’Banj, Faze, and Styl Plus, he has performed on stage alongside gospel legends including Marvin Winans, Donnie McClurkin, and Panam Percy Paul.

The Best Male Vocalist of the Year Award at the Today’s Music Awards in 2004 and the Best Male Vocalist of the Year Award at the Amen Awards in 2005 showed that he was continuing his winning streak. In addition, he won the Best Video of the Year Award at the 2005 Vigoma Awards. “The World of My Dreams,” his third album, was his most ambitious to date when it was released in 2007. In it, he and she sang a duet to the mega-hit “One Love” by legendary musician Onyeka Onwenu. The album also included the Live Right duet with global superstars Styl-Plus. His ambitious output was acknowledged, and he received The Grace Honorary Award for Excellence that same year.

He was up for the Best Gospel Artist award at the New York City-based Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) in 2008. He started a worldwide promotional tour for his CD, stopping in South Africa, the UK, and Germany. He collaborated on recordings and live performances in Germany with the renowned gospel producer and performer Chris Lass. In August 2009, he embarked on his most recent headline tour. He had the honor of dining with Vice President Joseph Belmont while touring the Seychelles island.

Album Art

Samsong &Quot;Master Of The World&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 22, 2024

A picture of Samsong represents the album Art as he is dapperly dressed in red blazers and a black top while sporting his distinctive white beard and full afro hair.

Tracks And Features

Steven Crown appears on the album’s self-titled first track. The song recognizes God’s supremacy and crowns him “Master of the world.” This opening track is lovely in part because of the support singers, whose harmony and melody are flawless.

Solomon Lange is featured on the next track, “Jehovah.” This worship track begins with sizzling instrumentals intro and Samsong’s vocals singing how big and high his God is. This is another track that follows the theme of the opening track in referencing and acknowledging God’s supremacy. Again, Lange’s Hausa lines/verses can be heard as the backup vocals complement the song with sonorous vocals.

The song “Wave Them Away” follows and has a pleasant, grooving amapiano vibe as it sings about how God waves away his people’s issues. Making a triumph song that people can dance to while worshiping God is the song’s goal.

Prosper Ochimana is on “Hallelujah,” and what a track this is. It is targeted at the resurrection story, and the duo sings of the glory of God as it fills the earth while men and angels sing the sounds of the spirit by chanting hallelujah.

Samsong has a funky track style that we’ve grown to enjoy, and “I’m A Miracle” is no exception. The lovely song talks about God’s favor and how it amazes observers, who should refer to him as a “Walking, Talking Miracle.” Samsong’s lyrics on this song imply that God has continued to provide for him and that he is a beneficiary of God’s goodness.

“Heavens Champion” is a chant-like jam with background vocals chanting while Samsong sings prophecies to the listeners and reminds them of the blessings they enjoy in Christ. He says in his lyrics, “Stand up for Heaven’s Champion.”

Enzo seamlessly transitions in on this project’s final song, “Blessings,” which is also one of the best songs. The song encourages listeners to count their blessings and consider the work of God. The melodic stringy chords and Enzo’s verse, which is in his regional dialect, further enhance the beauty of this already cool and calm track. The song urges listeners to testify; many will find the “Siyabonga” lyric and mood at the song’s conclusion to be their favorite part.


1 Master of the World (feat. Steve Crown) 5:36
2 Jehovah (feat. solomon lange) 4:17
3 Wave Them Away 4:20
4 Hallelujah (feat. Prospa Ochimana) 5:27
5 I’m a Miracle 4:36
6 Heaven’s Champion 4:46
7 Blessings (feat. Enzo) 3:48

Album Summary

Numerous gospel and worship songs on the album “The Master Of The World” are written in thanks and adoration for God. He included Prosper Ochimana, Steve Crown, Solomon Lange, and Enzo as anointed music pastors. The song “The Master Of The World” highlights God’s might and power, recognizes him as the creator and ruler of the universe, and praises his capacity to bring about healing and restoration.


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