Seyi Vibez “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come” Album Review

Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come

Seyi Vibez

  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 08 Jun, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Vibez Inc / Dvpper Music

Nigerian music sensation, Seyi Vibez, has released a new album titled “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come.” Seyi Vibez’s album features artists such as Young Jonn, Russ, Focalistic, and Jibrille. Each performer lends their own style and flair to the tracks on which they appear, giving another layer of variety and excitement to the album. Seyi Vibez has now released four projects in the last seven months.

Every tune features Seyi Vibez’s distinctive vocal and compositional abilities, demonstrating his breadth of talent. His skill at seamlessly fusing genres and experimenting with various sounds is audible throughout the entire album, producing a sonic journey that engages listeners from beginning to end.

Album Cover Art

Seyi Vibez &Quot;Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 22, 2024

Vibez appears dapper on his new album cover, wearing his natural full hair and sporting jewelries belonging to his late mother as a form of tribute.

Tracks and Features

“Kingdom” opens the album with a loud emotional chant from a vocalist, who is joined by other background harmonizing vocals. That served as the intro to this track that displays Seyi’s musicianship and quality artistry. The singer talks about his humble beginnings, his journey, and how he has become his family’s sole lifeline. Vibez, in the same vein, makes it clear that his eyes never left his goals. In the next song, Vibez basks in the superstar life of a rich-ass entertainer, and also takes a swipe at musicians using ‘farm streams.’ The Amapiano influence on the beat helps boost the mood.

Only a talented artist can flow the way Vibez did on “For the Gods,” in which he comes back again for his critics. He talks about his regular Loud and coda diet, as he later also expresses his affection for his woman and delivers one of his best melodies yet over an excellent Amapiano-infused beat. Though he has seen some things in his life that makes some future experiences feel like “Dejavu,” he wishes for nothing but to have his bank account lined with Kuwaiti pounds and for his sorrows to go far away from him. He also declares no one can block his way. The track’s production is another highlight of this chill bop.

Just when you think you may have heard the best songs on the project, Young Jonn enters the picture and alters it with sweet melodies in “Suddenly.” Vibez was generous too, to have given Jonn a chorus and a verse, taking up most of the song’s playtime. But when you listen to Jiggy’s delivery, you would wish he took up the entire song. That is not to say Seyi did nothing. Of course, he killed his verse. This is definitely one of the outstanding tunes on this record, especially as it is also driven with emotional lyrics. “Fuji Interlude” again shows how great Vibez is at what he does. He begins the track with nothing but his voice, drums and the support from his backup singers, then midway, he adds soft piano keys and the mood changes to something more fun and incredibly dance-worthy. Pure expertise.

Next in line is another lovely song, the remix to “Gangsta,” featuring U.S rapper Russ, and Jibrille, an exceptional singer. The original song was a part of his 2022 groundbreaking album, “Billion Dollar Baby.” In our frank opinion, both artists featured were perfect picks for this remix. And for “Money Matter,” we feel Vibez would’ve done great without the Focalistic feature, but the South African singer still brought the Amapiano vibe he was invited for. They both lit up the track with dope deliveries. The beat progression deserves some shine too. Great production.

The way lead guitar chords begin “Amdallah,” you would think you’re about to experience some soft Rock vibes, but the beat switches up before Vibez and his backup singers jump on. Vibez believes that what God has designed cannot be foiled by any man. Singing somberly over calm piano keys in the emotional closing track, “Blacka Rhythm,” Vibez mourns the demise of his mother and sister, as he reflects over his life and encourages himself through the pain.


1 Kingdom 2:10
2 Hat – Trick 2:40
3 For the Gods 2:57
4 Dejavu 2:40
5 Suddenly (feat. Young Jonn) 2:09
6 Fuji Interlude 2:05
7 Gangsta (feat. Russ & Jibrille) 3:04
8 Money Matter (feat. Focalistic) 3:36
9 Amdallah 3:00
10 Blacka Rhythm 2:25

Album Theme

The album is a tribute to his late mother and how far he has come as a person and artist.

Production Credits

Dibs, QueBeat, TBM, jhay2unez produced the album.


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