Song Review: “Big Vibez” By Omarion

Omarion Brings the Heat with New Single “Big Vibez”

Big Vibez – Single


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 24 Mar, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Omarion Worldwide

The R&B singer Omarion has released his newest single, “Big Vibez,” produced by Greg Curtis. This return to the music scene is something that has been eagerly anticipated. Because of Omarion’s silky vocals and the sentimental nature of the lyrics, this song is an excellent choice for the date night playlist in any music library.

The song begins with a reiteration of the phrase “Big vibe,” which establishes the mood for a sensual and intense experience. In the first stanza, Omarion is heard praising the attractiveness of the person he is interested in romantically and extending an invitation to her and a guest to join them for dinner and a movie. As Omarion croons about delighting his spouse and how their souls connect with each other in the pre-chorus, the lyrics get more explicit and reveal more of the song’s meaning.

The chorus is the most memorable part of the song since it has Omarion singing about the unique connection he shares with the object of his affection. He affirms that she is unique by praising the radiance of her complexion and calling her a “big vibe,” both of which suggest that she is exceptional. The lyrics are set to an infectious pace, making it easy to sing or dance along with the song.

When Omarion sings about realigning his partner’s chakras and the Kundalini spine in the second verse, the atmosphere is just as sensual as in the first verse. He sings about wanting to make her feel like a queen by satisfying her physically and mentally. Omarion’s ability to craft sensual and romantic songs that connect with listeners emotionally is on full display in this single, which is a testament to Omarion’s songwriting prowess.

The production of the music is straightforward, including a rhythm that grooves and instrumentation that is played smoothly. Adding a few understated electronic components gives the track a contemporary feel, yet it still manages to keep its traditional R&B vibe. Omarion’s vocals are brought to life by Greg Curtis’s production, which is a wonderful complement to Omarion’s performance.

In addition to the tune, Omarion has also produced a dance video demonstrating his extraordinary dance abilities. The music video is a superb addition to the “Big Vibez” experience, serving as an excellent complement to the single itself.

Omarion’s upcoming album is titled “Full Circle: Sonic Book One,” It is scheduled to be released on May 5th. The first single off the album is titled “Big Vibez.” The vibe of the tune, which is silky and beautiful, lays the groundwork for what fans might anticipate hearing on the highly anticipated project. It is evident that Omarion has not lost his touch when composing music that reaches people’s hearts.

Omarion’s abilities as a singer and songwriter are shown throughout the entirety of “Big Vibez,” which is a single that is both seductive and intense. This song is ideal for listeners looking for something romantic and seductive to experience. Because of its infectious chorus and funky groove, it is an essential addition to any R&B playlist. Omarion demonstrates that he is back and ready to bring the heat to the music scene once more with the release of the song “Big Vibez.”

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