Song Review: “Charm” By Rema

"Charm": A hypnotic groove with room for growth



  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 28 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Mavin Global Holdings Ltd/Jonzing World Entertainment

With “Charm,” a track from the deluxe edition of his album, Rave & Roses (Ultra), Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Rema delivers yet another captivating potential hit. The song is distinguished by its fascinating lyrics, captivating instrumental, and Rema’s recognizable singing prowess.Song Review: &Quot;Charm&Quot; By Rema, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 14, 2024

Lyrically, “Charm” is a blend of Nigerian Pidgin and English, which gives the tune a distinct taste. Rema’s songwriting skills are on display with catchy and flirty phrases that keep the listener captivated. The song’s chorus begins with an invitation to dance, as Rema says, “Come here, wetin dey worry you? Bring body, I’ll rock you, yeah, yeah.” The fun lyrics and brilliant wordplay elicit a sense of want and affection, which matches the song’s overall feel.

The instrumental on “Charm” is seductive and pulsing, with a slow wine cadence ideal for swaying to. London magnificently produces the beat, masterfully blending Afrobeat rhythms with pop components to create a sound that transcends regional boundaries. The smooth blend of rich percussion, soothing piano, and electronic drums in the instrumental creates a unique listening experience.

Rema’s vocal performance on “Charm” is nothing short of outstanding. His distinct voice and captivating tunes demonstrate his artistry. He easily switches between Pidgin and English, demonstrating his ability to provide memorable melodies and intriguing verses. Rema’s voice complements the song perfectly, adding depth and richness to the sound.

“Charm” also emphasizes Rema’s potential as a global superstar. With his signature Afrorave sound and ability to blend many musical styles, he is poised to dominate the international music industry. The song’s addictive groove and broad appeal reveal that Rema is more than a one-hit-wonder; he is an artist with staying power in the industry.

“Charm” is a captivating addition to Rema’s record, highlighting his songwriting, vocalist, and performer abilities. The track’s fascinating lyrics, compelling instrumental, and Rema’s appealing vocals all work together to provide listeners with a remarkable experience. Furthermore, the song’s global appeal and Rema’s undeniable potential testify to his growing global influence. Fans of Afrobeat, pop, and good music, in general, should try “Charm “.

While “Charm” demonstrates Rema’s undeniable talent and potential as an artist, it is not without flaws. The lyrics, while catchy and flirty, can be perceived as repetitious and lacking in substance. Furthermore, the song’s reliance on a well-known Afrobeat formula may cause it to blend in with other tracks, limiting its ability to stand out as groundbreaking or innovative music. In this way, “Charm” may leave some fans yearning for more substance and uniqueness from Rema as he continues to expand and grow as an artist.

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