Song Review: Ed Sheeran’s “Eyes Closed” – A Heartfelt Ode to Loss and Grief

Eyes Closed – Single

Ed Sheeran

  • Genre: Pop
  • Date: 24 Mar, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Track(s): 1
  • An Asylum Records UK release, a division of Atlantic Records UK, ℗ 2023 Warner Music UK Limited

Ed Sheeran has always been known for his ability to write and perform emotionally charged songs that speak to the human experience. His latest release, “Eyes Closed”, is no exception. Produced by Aaron Dessner, Fred again.., Max Martin, and Shellback, the song is a heartfelt ode to loss and grief that showcases Sheeran’s candid and vulnerable songwriting style.

The track opens with a poignant verse where Sheeran confesses that he knows his actions are not wise, but he cannot help himself. He’s been cooped up inside for most of the year and thought that a few drinks might help. As he navigates the ups and downs of life, he finds himself holding back tears, while his friends are out having a good time. This sense of isolation is palpable, and Sheeran captures it with raw honesty.

In the pre-chorus, Sheeran describes how he had pictured the year differently when February arrived. He steps into a bar, and the weight of loss hits him hard. Every song reminds him that the person he has lost is gone, and he feels a lump forming in his throat. The chorus is where Sheeran’s vulnerability shines through as he admits that he is dancing with his eyes closed because everywhere he looks, he still sees the person he has lost. Time moves slowly, and he doesn’t know what else he can do, so he keeps dancing with his eyes closed.

The second verse delves deeper into Sheeran’s emotions, as he admits that delusion has taken over. He thinks that the person he has lost will come home soon, but reality sets in, and he finds himself alone. He could pretend that the colours are more than blue, but he’s lost more than a friend, and he can’t help missing them.

The chorus and post-chorus repeat, driving home the theme of loss and grief. The bridge is particularly poignant, as Sheeran describes the bar closing down, and everyone else has gone home. But he’s still there, alone with his grief.

“Eyes Closed” is a beautifully crafted song that showcases Sheeran’s emotive voice and ability to write lyrics that hit home. The collaboration with Aaron Dessner and Fred again.. has stripped back Sheeran’s sound, allowing his vocals to take center stage. The use of violins, cellos, and piano adds depth and emotion to the track, creating a melancholic atmosphere that complements the lyrics.

What sets “Eyes Closed” apart from Sheeran’s earlier work is the rawness and vulnerability that he brings to the song. It’s clear that he’s writing from personal experience, and he doesn’t hold back. His honesty and willingness to lay bare his emotions are what make this song so powerful.

“Eyes Closed” is a moving tribute to loss and grief that showcases Ed Sheeran’s emotional depth and candid songwriting style. It’s a heartfelt ode that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of losing someone they love. The use of strings and piano creates a haunting atmosphere that complements Sheeran’s emotive voice and lyrics. This track is a testament to Sheeran’s ability to connect with his audience on an emotional level and is sure to be a fan favorite.

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