Song Review: “Members Only” by NBA Youngboy & ZAYEL

The bluesy rap duet “Members Only” by NBA Youngboy and up-and-coming rapper ZAYEL has the potential to become a viral smash. With its smooth production and honest lyrical content, this music provides a profound look at the artists’ separate backgrounds and struggles as children. NBA Youngboy’s new tattoo also appears in the accompanying graphics, giving the endeavor a new twist.

“Members Only” songs dive into the musicians’ experiences with poverty, criminality, and the drive to achieve despite the difficulties. ZAYEL’s verse provides an excellent introduction to his narrative abilities, recalling his school days and the perils of living on the streets. His honesty and genuine passion are obvious, allowing listeners to relate easily to him and his journey.

NBA Youngboy follows up with an equally powerful verse, highlighting his rags-to-riches journey and the aggressive intensity that has become a trademark of his style. Lines like “I can tell you, I ain’t the one to fuck with, this shit get bloody, boy Rolls Royce, I remember, I used to ride around in them stolen cars” wonderfully capture his change and unabashed rise above.

The chorus, which features both artists, reinforces the themes of loyalty and exclusivity. The lines “Bad btches love rich members only / Real members fck with real members

Despite the brutal realities portrayed in the lyrics, NBA Youngboy stresses the difference between entertainment and reality. This message corresponds to the concept of his next album.

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