Song Review: “NSV” by Bella Shmurda & Tiwa Savage

Bella Shmurda & Tiwa Savage's "NSV" - A Captivating Collaboration Filled with Nonstop Vibes


Bella Shmurda and Tiwa Savage have teamed up to collaborate on their new song, “NSV.” Produced by the talented Krizbeatz, this track marks the first-ever collaboration between these two Nigerian hitmakers. With their individual successes in 2023, the anticipation for “NSV” has been high. Let’s dive deeper into this infectious track and explore its various elements.Song Review: &Quot;Nsv&Quot; By Bella Shmurda &Amp; Tiwa Savage, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 14, 2024

Verse Analysis:

In “NSV,” Bella Shmurda and Tiwa Savage deliver confident and captivating performances. The verses showcase their vocal compatibility, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the song. Bella Shmurda’s verses are filled with energy and catchy flows, while Tiwa Savage’s smooth delivery adds a touch of elegance. The lyrics touch upon themes of self-assurance and joy, resonating with listeners on multiple levels.

Chorus and Hook:

The chorus and hook of “NSV” are undeniably catchy and instantly grab the listener’s attention. The repetition of the phrase “nonstop vibe” creates an infectious and memorable hook that will have audiences singing along. The dynamic interplay between Bella Shmurda and Tiwa Savage during the chorus amplifies the song’s overall impact, further enhancing its appeal.

Production and Instrumentation: Krizbeatz’s production prowess shines through in “NSV.” Known for his ability to create high-caliber beats, he infuses the track with irresistible rhythms and pulsating energy. The instrumental arrangement perfectly complements the vocal performances, creating a cohesive and vibrant sonic experience. The song features a fusion of contemporary Afrobeat elements and infectious melodies, making it a joyous and dance-worthy affair.


“NSV” by Bella Shmurda and Tiwa Savage is a testament to the magic that can happen when two talented artists collaborate. The song is filled with nonstop vibes from start to finish, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Bella Shmurda’s successful streak continues with this release, while Tiwa Savage adds yet another remarkable achievement to her already stellar career. With Krizbeatz’s masterful production, “NSV” is a perfect showcase of vocal compatibility and captivating performances.

Overall, “NSV” is a standout collaboration that captures the essence of contemporary Nigerian music. The track’s infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and confident performances make it a delightful addition to any playlist. Bella Shmurda and Tiwa Savage’s synergy on “NSV” is undeniable, leaving listeners craving for more collaborations between these two exceptional artists.

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