Song Review: “Oganigwe” by Zlatan ft. ODUMODUBLVCK & Jeriq

"Oganigwe": A spirited collaboration with unbound potential



  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 28 Apr, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Zanku Records / ONErpmSong Review: &Quot;Oganigwe&Quot; By Zlatan Ft. Odumodublvck &Amp; Jeriq, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

“Oganigwe” is a standout track from Zlatan’s latest EP, Omo Ologo, featuring guest appearances from ODUMODUBLVCK and Jeriq. This infectious tune showcases the artists’ combined talent, offering a captivating blend of lyrics, instrumental, and vocal performances that highlight their immense potential.

The song’s lyrics are delivered in a mix of Pidgin and English, reflecting the diverse linguistic landscape of Nigeria. Zlatan, ODUMODUBLVCK, and Jeriq each bring their distinctive styles to the table, resulting in a memorable and engaging narrative. The artists share their experiences with fame, success, and the journey towards their current status. The catchy chorus, “Oganigwe, when we rap dem go give way,” encapsulates the track’s theme of triumph and recognition.

The instrumental, produced by Chech da producer, fuses traditional drums with pop elements, resulting in a fresh and unique sound. The beat features a pulsating rhythm that compels listeners to move and dance, while the subtle use of Igbo drum style adds a contemporary touch. Combining these elements creates a memorable sonic experience that will resonate with fans of both genres.

Vocally, Zlatan, ODUMODUBLVCK, and Jeriq shine on “Oganigwe.” Each artist displays their talent for captivating melodies and infectious hooks, blending their use of words seamlessly to create an unforgettable listening experience. Their styles complement one another, showcasing the power of collaboration in music.

The song’s potential is evident, demonstrating the artists’ ability to create a hit with international appeal. “Oganigwe” tells a lot about Zlatan’s growth and evolution as an artist and the strength of Nigeria’s music scene. This track has all the ingredients necessary for success on a global scale, ensuring that these artists’ stars will continue to rise.

Despite its many strengths, “Oganigwe” is not without its flaws. While the lyrics are engaging and tell an interesting story, they can sometimes feel repetitive, leading some listeners to crave more depth and originality. Additionally, the song’s heavy reliance on a familiar Igbo formula might hinder its ability to stand out from the many similar tracks in the genre while not properly placing it in a popular category where it can be easily discovered for what it is. In this regard, “Oganigwe” may leave fans eager for further growth and experimentation from Zlatan and his collaborators in their future projects.

“Oganigwe” is a vibrant and enjoyable track that highlights the talent of Zlatan, ODUMODUBLVCK, and Jeriq. The song’s appealing blend of lyrics, instrumental, and vocal performances, coupled with its potential for international success, make it a notable addition to the Nigerian music scene. While there is room for growth and innovation, “Oganigwe” is certainly a track worth listening to for fans of Afrobeat, hip-hop, pop, and indigenous energetic music.

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