Song Review: “Plans” By Iyanya

"Plans": Iyanya's Soulful Anthem of Frustration with Love

Iyanya has come out with another potential hit titled “Plans,” a potential anthem that can stand out in the crowded Nigerian music industry. The song is produced by Rewardbeatz and Xtofa and runs for two minutes and fifty-two seconds.

“Plans” is a storytelling song that talks about Iyanya’s heartfelt thoughts and memories and some unanswered questions that bother his heart. The song expresses Iyanya’s frustration with love and struggles to find the right partner. He sings about being devoted to love and not getting the same level of dedication in return.Song Review: &Quot;Plans&Quot; By Iyanya, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 17, 2024

The song starts with a repetitive melody that sounds like a warning siren, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. It is followed by Iyanya’s strong and smooth voice singing, “Oh my baby, my baby, is it love you are looking for?” The song’s lyrics are in English and are a mix of Pidgin English and Nigerian slang, which adds a unique flavor to the song.

The chorus, “But e be like say love is not enough, Ehh ehh, you should let me know if e don dey choke,” is catchy and easy to sing along. The instrumentation is minimalistic, using a simple drum pattern, guitar and piano chords. The production is clean, and the mixing is well done.

Iyanya’s voice is the song’s highlight, and he delivers his lyrics with precision and emotion. He has a powerful and soulful voice that draws listeners in and keeps them engaged throughout the song. The verses are well-structured and flow smoothly, with Iyanya’s voice taking center stage.

The song’s bridge features a foreign language (possibly French) that gives it a different vibe and adds a touch of elegance to the song. It is followed by a solo piano section that brings calmness and reflection.

The song’s music video is a simple but well-executed production featuring Iyanya and a group of dancers performing to the song in different settings. The video complements the song’s mood and adds a visual element that enhances the song’s message.

“Plans” is a refreshing addition to Iyanya’s discography and a song that can resonate with anyone who has experienced the frustration of unrequited love. The song’s message is relatable and straightforward, and Iyanya delivers it passionately and passionately. The production is simple yet effective, with Iyanya’s voice taking center stage.

“Plans” is a potential anthem that can stand the test of time and become a classic. Iyanya has done an excellent job of delivering a heartfelt and relatable message through his music. The song is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys soulful music with a touch of Nigerian flavor.

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