Song Review: ‘Pray’ By BNXN fka Buju

“Pray” by BNXN (formerly known as Buju) is a profoundly resonant song that achieves an intoxicating blend of vulnerability, introspection, and raw musical talent. The song, produced by renowned beatmaker Magicsticks, features a soulful delivery and heartfelt lyrics that provide a depth of authenticity and relatability often missing in contemporary music.Song Review: 'Pray' By Bnxn Fka Buju, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 12, 2024

BNXN showcases his storytelling prowess in “Pray,” intertwining personal experiences and introspective narratives that feel deeply intimate yet universally resonant. The song’s lyrical content, imbued with references to struggle, resilience, and a plea for divine intervention, creates an evocative tableau that many listeners can relate to.

The opening lines, “You say I be bloody fellow / As my skin come yellow / You say I no sabi hustle / I no sabi hustle,” instantly set a scene of judgement and misinterpretation, providing an intimate look into the artist’s past struggles. As the song progresses, BNXN lyrically paints a picture of determination and hard work, beautifully encapsulated in the lines, “You were sleeping well o / I was out here writing songs / And I was working double / I was working double.”

Musically, “Pray” showcases Magicsticks’ production skills and BNXN’s melodic abilities. The seamless blend of infectious melodies and captivating beats, punctuated by BNXN’s emotive vocal delivery, results in a sonic experience that is as immersive as it is moving. This song is not merely a piece of music; it’s an emotional journey, an intimate confession set to rhythm and melody.

The refrain, “Emi mimo o / I’ve been working hard o / Make I no go fall o / I too pray o,” is a potent admixture of vulnerability, desperation, and resilience, encapsulating the overall theme of the song. The repetition of these lines throughout the track deepens the song’s emotional impact, underscoring the continual presence of these feelings in BNXN’s life.

The track also features a notable shift in tone during the rap verse, where BNXN recounts his success, “I just duppy two shows, killed that on the same night / The same night I was thinking ’bout date nights.” This verse juxtaposes the struggles he narrated earlier, providing a rounded view of his journey, with both its trials and triumphs.

On “Pray,” BNXN flexes his songwriting abilities and his capacity to turn personal experiences into universally appealing music. The track is an emotional journey, a blend of introspection, resilience, and vulnerability set against a captivating musical backdrop. It’s a song that showcases BNXN’s unique ability to connect with his listeners on a deeply emotional level, making “Pray” not just a song, but an experience.

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